How to Lose Weight With Rice ?

Because the food sector is more profit-driven, several food fads have been popular for the majority of the time. People are misled and deceived by so-called and inexperienced dietitians and nutritionists who make claims that are not supported by scientific evidence. The notion that “avoid eating rice/or fully quit eating rice to avoid weight gain or to lose weight” is an example of this, which is completely false and nonsensical.
I will inform you!

Agree or not, I heartily believe and trust all the traditions and cultures of India have a great meaning and benefit when analyzed. And rice is the traditional grain eaten and consumed from a very very long time, particularly in India. People have been taught and misguided about the amazing grain “Rice”. Undoubtedly excess of anything is bad and portion control is a must if your are looking to lose weight. So today, I will be telling you the: Right Way to Include Rice in your Diet and break this notion for you.
So, our ancestors made the best ways (Traditional ways) to consume rice in our diet and they all had a meaning, nutritional value, and various health benefits.

Our Traditional Ways to include Rice in Diet and Add On!

  • Rice With Dal/ legumes and Sabzi: Dal, legumes have a good content of protein in themselves, and due to their high acidic content and thermogenic activity, they are heavy on our gut, so when you consume dal or legumes along with the very light on stomach grain: “RICE”, it balances the meal, and makes it easy for you to digest.
  • Pulao or biryani with Raita: Pulao and biryani were first introduced completely as a non-vegetarian meal, but soon after that the concept of vegetarian biryani/ or what we know as “Pulao” came into existence. This meal is composed of rice, lots and lots of healthy veggies, dry fruits, and healthy fat, which makes it a healthy and balanced meal in itself.
  • Khichdi with Dahi: Khichdi is usually comprised of dal (preferably moong) and rice. To make it more nutritious try to raise the ratio of moong dal over rice, and add a lot of veggies, and at the end drizzle it off with some desi ghee to make it an incredibly tasty and nutritious meal.
  • Rice flour or Fermented Rice preparations: Fermented preparations made up of rice are the best recipes and meals for your gut and they ease digestion like anything. They are very light on stomach and easy to digest and absorb.
  • Kheer or sweet rice: Kheer is another very nutritious preparation of rice, and is made along with milk which is reduced in the process making the meal to be highly rich in protein, and when summed up with some dry fruits, it also becomes rich in micronutrient content.
  • Rice Ball with Meat or veg curries: This recipe is prominently used in North East parts of India. This is the traditional recipe consumed by the people of the area which includes preparation of rice balls paired with meat or vegetable curries in order to balance the meal.

Why these Rice Recipes are Good for us?

  • Combination of grain and pulses makes the quality of protein strong by improving its amino acids profile. When combined in this manner, they provide us with complete Protein content ( All 9 Amino Acids).
  • It’s provides you with a high fiber balanced meal. As we have tried to include plenty of veggies in each meal, it will be a great source of fiber which eases digestion and aids in weight loss.
  • The combinations makes the meal light and easy to digest. As all the meals are planned in such a way that they are perfectly balanced and nutritionally stable, they are easy to digest without being heavy on the stomach.
  • Many people prefer rice because of its taste and better satisfaction.

What a Healthy & Balanced Meal Should Look Like?

A healthy meal is always balanced and divided in required portions. A nutritionally balanced meal should be composed of:

  • 45-60% carbs, particularly complex carbs with high fiber and water content.
  • 25/30-40% protein.
  • 10% fat.

Healthy Plating method to include rice in your diet

  • Portion control using hand method ( Ayurvedic way of eating). Make sure that the plate or bowl in which you serve your meal should not be bigger than you two hands in order to ensure you don’t overeat.
  • Avoid having rice late at night, because of its high water content.
  • You can have rice if you consume early dinner ( 3-4 hours before bed time).

Bonus: Don’t consume water immediately after the consumption of rice.

Various other Forms of Rice that are Healthy!

Poha / flatten or Pressed Rice
Murmura or puffed rice
Popped rice or Fiki rice Kheel.

These variations of rice are very nutritious, and to make it more healthier you can add on veggies to make it more balanced. They are very light on the stomach and good for the gut.

So, In this manner you can continue “RICE” in your diet happily and without a guilt, and still lose or manage weight.

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