How To Maintain The Perfect Bust Size

Let’s see what are the important factors responsible for the bust size in women and what are the things which you can do to maintain the perfect bust size. The breast are made up of adipose and glandular tissues. Hence, hormonal changes and fat gain causes these tissues to change. Other factors like age, genes, medication and stress levels also play a very important role. There are no specific food or diet plan that have been clinically proven to affect breast size.

Factors which play important role in your bust size

  • Your genes
  • The genes and your body type play a pivotal role in your bust size
  • If you have a pear shaped, apple and hour glass body decides your bust size
  • Your weight
  • If your chest contains a higher concentration of fatty tissue, you could see a difference in your bust size when you gain / lose weight
  • Diet
  • The development of breasts in females gets affected if your diet is poor
  • The hormones required for proper development of the body will not be released if the body is deficient in nutrition
  • The breast growth gets stunned if you’re under weight or lack vitamins / minerals in your diet
  • Workout routine
  • Doing upper body strength workout helps strength your pecks, which your four major muscles that sit behind the breast tissue
  • Estrogen level
  • High / low levels of estrogen affects the bust size
  • When estrogen levels drop, the connective tissue in the breasts become dehydrated and lose elasticity
  • Your hormones
  • You may notice increase in the bust size during or just before periods, pregnancy and post delivery
  • Birth control pills
  • The estrogen and progesterone in hormonal birth control pills causes edema or water retention
  • Age
  • As you age, your hormones causes changes and your muscle mass reduces, which also has an impact on your bust size
  • Stress
  • Excessive stress can lead to hormonal imbalance in the body

Some important pointers

  • There are no food / diet plans / supplements / creams etc which have been clinically proven to increase your bust size
  • The best and natural way to enhance your bust size is to do strengthening exercises

How to make your chest look better

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Balanced diet is the key to healthy breasts
  • Wearing the right size bra is paramount
  • Include some herbs in your diet to balance the hormones
  • Include shatavari, ashwgandha, mulethi, aliv seeds, holy basil etc in your diet
  • Work on your posture
  • Maintaining correct posture is very important for your breast health
  • Love your body
  • Avoid or quit smoking
  • Reduce excessive stress to your body to reduce the cortisol hormone
  • Avoid sedentary lifestyle
  • Avoid eating processed / refined food

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