Kitchen Hacks To Eat Healthy

Cooking and eating at home is one of the best ways to stay and eat healthy. It is also one of the easiest ways to eat good nutritional food which doesn’t put a hole in your pocket. It is imperative however, that we make our cooking space that is our kitchen as convenient as possible.  Let’s look at some of the easiest but essential kitchen hacks which will assist you in eating and cooking healthy food.

Make your kitchen a place where you’d want to spend time

  • For preparation of meals, one spends a lot of time in the kitchen
  • Make sure your kitchen is as comfortable as possible
  • If possible, ensure that your kitchen gets sunlight or daylight
  • Keep your kitchen neat and clean at all times

Get the right tools

  • Make sure your kitchen has all the tools you need
  • Expensive things might not always suit you, you get tools which are comfortable for you to use
  • These tools and equipment will ensure that your cooking is made easy and simple

Be a minimalist

  • Don’t go overboard is getting things to your kitchen which you’ll not need
  • Keep it to the minimum
  • Save space and effort
  • Make your kitchen look and feel spacious and clean


  • Use glass containers for storage
  • Avoid plastic as it is not healthy
  • Using glass containers also makes you more conscious

Make sure you have the following food groups at all times

  • 5 easy to make and consume quality protein foods
  • Eggs, paneer, pulses, sprouts etc are examples of such food
  • 5 complex carbs / grains
  • 5 types of seasonal veggies
  • 5 natural spices (apart from salt)

Wash it when you get it

  • It might seem like extra work, but wash your fresh produce the moment you get it in the house
  • Washing it before storing in the fridge will ensure that your food stays healthy and your surroundings clean at all times

No food on counter

  • Avoid keeping food on the counter
  • Seeing enticing food in front of you mostly makes you eat when you really don’t have to

You don’t need to finish it all

  • If you’ve prepared some extra food, it doesn’t mean you need to finish it in one go
  • Food can be stored specially in winters very comfortably
  • Stop eating when you’re about 80 % full
  • You can also freeze fresh fruits and veggies when required

Make it more functional

  • Use more methods and techniques to make your kitchen functional
  • Try using more space saving methods to create more space which you can use


  • Studies have shown if you go grocery shopping empty stomach, you end up buying things which you don’t need
  • Make sure you are well fed whenever you go for grocery shopping

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