November Weight Loss Challenge

This festival weight loss challenge will motivate you to work harder than before to achieve your fitness goals. If you’ve spent 2021 trying hard to follow and live healthy, just to fall off the wagon, than let’s try to start this month on the perfect note.

Early winter weight loss challenge

Follow a night curfew

  • It is very important to stick to timelines as far as eating healthy is concerned
  • You should not consume any sweets, fried food or high calorie food post 1700 hours
  • Avoid store bought sweets, consume home cooked sweets only

Cut down desi Indian tea

  • Replace milk tea with herbal tea
  • Consume non caffeinated tea only
  • Indian milk sugar tea contains 160 calories
  • Whereas herbal tea only has about 20 calories
  • Excess caffeine can dehydrate you
  • Stay hydrated and consume slightly warm water

Add soups to diet

  • Consume soups specially in dinner
  • Vegetable and lentil soups are highly nutritious and filling at the same time

Fresh fruits and veggies

  • Eat more fresh and seasonal fruits in your diet
  • At the same time, include more veggies in your diet as well

Consume more protein

  • Consume more high quality protein
  • This will help you to boost your metabolism

Portion control

  • Portion control allows you to control the amount of food you eat
  • Reduce the size of your spoon and plate for portion control

Follow a routine

  • Eat on time
  • It is imperative to follow a routine to stay healthy

Increase intake of vitamin D

  • Increase the intake of vitamin D by spending time in the sun


  • Don’t skip your workout
  • However busy and occupied you are, always take our time for workout
  • Follow short, high intensity workout routine
  • Calories you can burn in 10 minute workout
  • Jump rope : 12 calories / minute, total 120 calories
  • Running : 16 calories  / minute, total 160 calories
  • Aerobic dance : 8 calories / minute, total 80 calories
  • Brisk walk : 4.5 calories / minute, total 45 calories
  • Jumping jacks : 11 calories / minute, total 110 calories

Start deep breathing and meditation

  • Deep breathing including yoga and meditation help you relax and calm down

Sleep enough

  • Make sure you get enough sleep
  • Sleep helps your body recover and be ready for the next day


  • Continue with weekly detox and intermittent fasting

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