October diet plan

We recently posted the weight loss challenge for the month of October. Following that, this is the 2 week meal plan for the month to help you achieve your healthy weight loss goals. This diet plan is balanced and nutritious at the same time. All major food groups are included in this diet plan. This diet plan is very simple and easy to follow.

Key pointers in the weight loss challenge

  • 1 bowl veggies with every meal
  • Alternate days only veggies and some quality protein for lunch
  • Detox day will be observed once a week
  • Only fruits in mid morning or afternoon snack
  • Slight cut back on tea
  • Sweet or salty snacks when evening when you crave for some
  • No store bought snacks to be consumed

Key pointers in diet challenge

  • No refines sugar or flour
  • Cut back on white salt
  • Minimum intermittent fasting window of 13 – 11
  • Outside meal only once in 10 days
  • One love meal every week
  • Stay hydrated with adequate fluids
  • Finish dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime
  • Include bed time drink in diet to improve digestion
  • Include some spices in your diet

Diet plan

  • 2-3 glasses of warm water followed by one glass of overnight 1/2 tsp fennel seeds soaked water
  • Seeds daily at 0945 hours, 5 soaked almonds and 8 soaked raisins
  • Ajwain with curd or chaas post meal with 1/4 tsp roasted with black salt and warm water
  • Moon milk, gloden milk or ashwaganda with pinch of aliv seeds win the evening
  • Ginger cinnamon tea or chamomile tea as bed time drink
Week 1BreakfastSnackLunchSnackDinner
MonBesan chilla with veggies1 fruitSeasonal vegetable salad with 1/2 cup sprouted mung dalRoasted makhana Moon milkDaliya khichadi with 1 cup veggies
TuesOats upma with veggies1 fruitChana dal, roti and dahiHomemade snackSoup with grilled veggies and  roti
WedRagi malt smoothie1 fruitVegetable salad with 100 grams grilled paneer / tofuMurmura namkeen and moonmilkMultigrain khichadi with veggies
Thrus1 cup veggies with 1 cup poha1 fruitKala chana sabzi with roti and dahiRaosted chanaSoup with sabzi and roti
FriDetox smoothie1 fruitSeasonal vegetable saladAny fruit / vegetableVegetable soup
Sat1 cup veggies with ragi chilla1 fruitChole chawal with saladRoasted makhanaSoya sabzi with roti and salad
Sun2 small or 1 large parantha1 fruitLove mealRoasted chanaMung dal khichadi
Week 2BreakfastSnackLunchSnackDinner
MonOats apple smoothie1 fruitVegetable salad with 1.5 cup dalMoon milkGrilled paneer with vegetable and 1 roti
TuesDaliya upma with 1 cup sabzi1 fruitVegetable rice sprouts pulaoHomemade snackQuinoa dal khichadi
WedIdli sambhar with chutney1 fruitVegetable salad with 100 grams grilled paneer / tofuEnergy barsSoup with veggies and 1 roti
ThrusSprouts with veggies1 fruitQuinoa vegetable saladRaosted MakhanaGrilled veggies with daliya soup
FriDetox smoothie1 fruitSeasonal vegetable saladAny fruit / vegetableVegetable soup
SatPaneer or vegetable toast1 fruitRajma chawal with saladAny fruit / vegetableRoti sabzi
Sun2 small or 1 stuffed parantha1 fruitLove mealMoonmilkVeggies with ragi soup

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