Start Your Fat Loss Journey

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. If you’re looking for start your permanent weight loss journey in 2021, this is the right time to do it. Apart from right thinking, shedding those extra few kilos requirs a process, which includes setting the right and realistic goals, positive mindset and a winning strategy to achieve those goals. Weight loss without planning is almost impossible. Let’s see what steps we think you should follow to achieve the weight loss goals in the new year.

Writing down habits

  • Starting now, write down three habits which you want to master in 2021
  • These habits must be aligned with your long term fitness goals
  • This might sound like a mundane exercise, however, it is imperative for the mind to be constantly reminded of what we’re suppose to do
  • For eg, you can write down one eating habit
    • Eating without distraction
    • Eating more veggies
  • Workout related habit
    • Be more regular
    • Set a particular time for workout


  • Reorganise and clean yourself and your surrondings
  • Clean your kitchen, your pantry, your fridge and freezer
  • Doscard every bit of junk food including condinments
  • This will create a environment for healthy eating

Block time

  • Block time for all activites
  • Block time in calender for meal planing, grocery shopping etc
  • While doing this, keep your region and season in mind
  • Setting yourself to do things at a particular time is the best way to do a thing

Separate places in the house

  • Allocate separate places in the house for eating, workout and other activites like using social media, resting etc
  • This will make your mind and body more conscious about doing things properly
  • Make sure you don’t eat food while sitting in the bed
  • Similarly avoid using your mobile and other gadgets while you’re in the bed


  • Best way to remember things is to write them down
  • Invest in a good planner
  • This will help you maintain your to do list, writing down your goals, keeping a track of your activities etc
  • You can also design your own meal plans, make your budget for different activites

New gear

  • For some investing in new gear is very motivating
  • You can invest in new workout gear to get motivated for your workouts
  • Get new workout clothes, new equipment, step counter, dumbells, yoga mats, shoes or any other piece of equipment that might work for you

Energy boosting strategies

  • Write down how can you manage energy with time
  • Design your own energy boosting strategies
  • Do what makes you feel fresh and relaxed
  • You can indulge in frequent walks, manage your breaks more efficiently, drink more water, eat more freah food, meditate

Block your time

  • Block your time and place for energy wasters
  • Restrict your time for social media, tv
  • Avoid unnecessary long calls, gossips etc to make time for more productive things

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