Best Weight Loss Summer Drink; Ginger Mint Iced Tea

Feeling low? Feeling drained with the day-to-day hectic routine?We got you an ultimate refreshing drink which will boost you with energy both physically and mentally.Yes, I am talking about “Ginger Mint Iced Tea”!Enriched with the goodness of the ingredients that boosts your mood and make you feel lively and energetic, this drink is healthy and

Healthy Jaggery Jal Jeera; Summer Drink for Weight Loss

Jeera, popularly known as cumin seeds is one of the most prominent and beneficial spice. It exhibits multiple benefits ranging from weight loss to enhancing skin and hair to easing digestion and much more.And with this super healthy spice, we brought you up today’s summer drink, “Jal Jeera”!Not only it is highly refreshing and rejuvenating,

Healthy Summer Iced Tea for Weight Loss

Summers need energy, and chilled drinks!But gaining nutrition out of it is like “Cherry on the pie”.And we got it for you all! This “Healthy Summer Iced Tea for Weight Loss” is a multitasker, which not only refreshes and rejuvenates your soul, but at he very same time is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals,