What i eat in a day : September Diet Plan

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. This article I all about what I eat and drink in a day to stay fit and maintain my healthy weight. This meal or diet plan can be used as a prototype and modified by all of you to suit your specific needs. This meal plan is simple, nutritious and takes care of the daily calorie intake requirement as well. There are roughly 1400 calories per day in this meal plan.

Immediately after waking up

  • The first thing which I consume in the morning in lots of water
  • I consume about 3 glasses of water daily after waking up
  • This kick starts my system and provides me with energy to be up and about

Opening my eating window

  • I open my eating window at 1020 hours
  • The first meal in the eating window has to be light and it shouldn’t put additional strain on the digestive system
  • I consume an apple to open my eating window


  • I have my breakfast at 1045 hours
  • Today my breakfast was ragi malt smoothie
  • This smoothie is very easy to make and contains good amount of nutritional value


  • My first snack of the day consisted of Indian tea with hoemmade energy ladoo
  • This ladoo is totally sugar free and contains no sugar or even jaggery
  • The tea is simply prepared Indian masala tea

Immunity shots

  • 1300 hours is the time for my immunity shots
  • I take these immunity shots to stay fit and boost immunity
  • My immunity shots consist of tulsi and giloy juice

Benefits of my immunity shots

  • Helps boost immunity
  • Supports and improves metabolism
  • Fights respiratory problems
  • Improves digestive health
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • Protects against cold and cough
  • Provides relief in headaches and joint and muscle pain
  • Reduces symptoms of fever and other viral infections
  • Prevents ageing


  • My lunch is at 1415 hours
  • Lunch consisted of South Indian menu
  • Dosa, sambhar and peanut coconut chutney

Post lunch

  • Post lunch I consume one tea spoon of fennel mixture
  • This mixture is amazing in improving digestion


  • I like to consume a cup of herbal tea post lunch
  • This herbal tea give me the necessary boost of the entire evening

Evening snack

  • My evening snack consisted of moon milk
  • This is one of my favourite snacks to consume
  • Recipe for the moon milk is available on this website


  • I try and have early dinner to give adequate time for my system to follow intermittent fasting
  • This is my last meal for the day
  • My dinner consisted of daliya mix veg

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