Intermittent fasting : what you need to know

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. Intermittent fasting is a great tool for achieving a healthy gut and losing that extra unwanted weight. I have been following intermittent fasting for two years now. During these two years, I’ve learnt certain lessons and facts about intermittent fasting which I feel should be shared with all of you. Intermittent fasting now is definitely better understood than ever before. Here are a few important lessons which I learnt.

Eating and fasting window

  • You’ve all heard that 8 : 16 eating and fasting window is the ideal for intermittent fasting
  • However, 8 : 16 is not the only method of intermittent fasting
  • It is advisible that you start with a more suitable window and timing
  • You can gradually look to adopt a window which is slightly difficult to follow
  • Starting slowly and gradually increasing time will improve your body’s acceptability and reduce stress

It’s not a short cut

  • Intermiitent fasting by no means is a short  cut to lose weight
  • For it to work, intermittent fasting has to be adopted as a lifestyle
  • Follow it religiously and your body will adapt to intermittent fasting

Need to eat / drink healthy

  • Intermittent fasting makes you lose weight as you consume less calories
  • But it doesn’t mean that you start eating unhealthy food
  • You still need to eat and drink healthy
  • You are needed to consume lots of fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Regular exercise needs to be a part of your daily regime

It affects everyone differently

  • Effect of intermittent fasting will vary
  • Effect of fasting is different and is based on gender and age
  • Your stress levels and hormones also play a important role

Opening and closing the windows

  • How you openand close the eating and fasting windows has a significant impact on your body
  • Opening your eating window with a very heavy meal will have an adverse impact on your body
  • Start with light meals / drink etc to get your body used to the eating window

Effect on mind and body

  • Intermittent fasting simplies your life
  • It can improve your discipline, focus and productivity
  • With me, my mind works much better in the fasting stage but this might differ with people
  • However, if your body and mind are stressed at all times, intermittent fasting might not work for you that well

Don’t combine it with low calorie meal

  • Intermittent fasting by itself is sufficient to lose weight in a healthy manner
  • You don’t need to combine it with a low calorie meal
  • Infact combining low calorie meal with intermittent fasting can work adversly on your body
  • After following intermittent fasting for some time, your weight will become stagnant, it doesn’t mean that intermittent fasting will stop benefiting you


  • Make sure you workout close to or in your eating window
  • All high intensity training must be carried out in the eating window
  • Workout in the fasting window will drain you

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  1. Hello mam pl tell me remedy… after starting intermittent fasting .. hair fall is get more.. how to stop please tell me

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