Why You Are Not Losing Belly Fat?

Hello everyone, hope all of you are keeping happy and healthy. Stubborn fat around the stomach is probably the most common bodily bugbear for both men and women. We store body fat under the skin and also around the vital organs in our abdomen. If diet and exercise haven’t done much to reduce this fat than you need to concentrate on your breathing. Most of us are unaware of the importance of breathing in weight loss. Four pillars of human fitness are diet, fluid, exercise and breathing. We concentrate on diet, fluid and exercise, however, breathing is the one thing which gets ignored mostly because of ignorance. How we breath impacts our weight loss in a major way.

How does breathing affect your weight loss

  • Breathing properly improves your digestion and metabolism
  • Deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen in the body and this extra oxygen supplied to the body helps in burning the extra fat deposited in the body
  • Breathing deeply improves the blood circulation and helps tone the abdominal muscles
  • Breathing properly helps in detoxification
  • Human body releases about 70 % of toxins through breathing, shallow breathing makes you accumulate more toxins, deep and proper breathing on the other hand releases these toxins out of your body
  • Doing deep breathing exercises helps in increasing the oxygen supply in the body
  • This oxygen helps to reduce the feelings of stress, fear and anger in the body
  • It also relaxes the body which in turn enhances clarity and insight
  • Deep breathing techniques done in gentle way or restorative yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system or PNS which aids in weight loss
  • Deep and proper breathing alkalises your body

How does breathing help in weight loss

  • Overweight individuals exhibit three distinct breathing habits
    • They chronically over breathe that is they take bigger than necessary volume breaths
    • They mouth breathe that is instead of breathing through the nose, they breathe through the mouth
    • They breath from the chest that is instead of breathing by engaging the lower belly
  • These three habits can really impact the oxygen levels in your body
    • The oxygen level in your body influences your metabolism and hunger / cravings level
  • According to studies carried out, majority of weight loss in the body takes place via correct breathing
    • Excess dietary carbohydrates and protein are converted to a type of fat called triglyceride
    • Triglycerides comprise of three types of atom that is carbon, hydrogen and oxygen
    • These triglycerides molecules can be broken down only by unlocking these atoms through a process called oxidation

Deep breathing techinques

  • Yoga breathing or pranayama is the foundation of your yoga practice
  • It begins with deepening your breathing with the three part breathing
  • After this, it moves into a more advanced breathing such as kapalabhati and the alternate nostril breath
  • Apart from this, following breathing techinques can be adopted
    • Diaphram breathing
    • Bhramari pranayama
    • Abdominal lock (uddiyana bandha)
    • Stomach vaccume
    • Shinning the skull breathing

Breathing exercises don’t haver to take a lot of time of your day. It’s really about just setting some time aside to pay attention to your breathing.

  • Begin with just 5 minutes daily
  • Increase your time as the exercise becomes easier amd gets more comfotable
  • Practice multiple times a day

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