July Weight Loss Diet Plan

Hello everyone, hope you’re all keeping safe, healthy and happy. This is the 2 weeks diet plan for weight loss during monsoons. This diet plan is based upon intermittent fasting format as well as having 5-6 small meals everyday. These multiple small meals will enable you to stay energetic and will help boost your metabolism. Most of us opt for fad diet plans like keto diet, low carb diet, paleo diet, liquid diet etc. Some people even eliminate a particular food group from the diet. Both these things are not healthy. This Indian diet plan has all the major food groups as its integral part. This diet plan is highly balanced and very easy to follow.

Highlights of this diet plan

  • 5-6 small meals in a day (for easy digestion)
  • Snacking like a toddler
  • Intermittent fasting window 14 : 10 – 16 : 8
  • Slow carb diet for weight loss
  • Moderate to high protein
  • Slightly low  fat
  • Bitter food : methi seeds, moringa, jamun, karela, neem etc
  • Regional and seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Staying hydrated (herbal teas / kadha)
  • Use of herbs and spices
  • Maxi,ising use of tea or coffee

What not to consume

  • Excess fermented food
  • Sprouts (may become stale in germination)
  • Leafy greens
  • Limited consumption of curd
  • Oily and refined food
  • Leftover meals
  • Damped and stale food
  • Raw food and vegetables

Morning drink to lose weight

  • Methi seeds water (soaked overnight)
  • Moringa juice
  • Karela or jamun seeds juice

Fast opener meal

  • Meal consisting of omega 3
  • 5-6 soaked almonds
  • 1 tsp soaked chia seeds water
  • Make sure you consume the seeds as well

Small snack size

  • Snack should fit in your fist
  • Eat seasonal fruits
  • Consume after 2-2.5 hours after having breakfast
  • Don’t fill your stomach too much in any meal
  • Eat slightly less for better processing and digestion

Evening snack

  • Enjoy with a cup of herbal spiced desi chai
  • Make sure you keep a check on the portion size
  • Explore moon milk (recipe on the website)

Week 1

MondayOats DaliyaJamunMultigrain KhichadiRoasted ChanaPaneer Curry with Roti
TuesdayGreen JuiceCoconut WaterVeg SaladSmall MangoMix Veg Soup
WednesdayOats Ragi ChillaJamun / PeachesChana Dal Lauki with Roti / RiceRoasted PeanutsLentil Soup
ThrusdayRelaxed Day
FridayMissi RotiSmall MangoMultigrain roti sabziEnergy Bars (homemade)Daliya Soup
SaturdayPaneer Cutlets2-3 slices of PineappleChole riceRoasted MakhanaDal Roti Sabzi
SundayWhole Wheat Bread ToastJamunLove MealSoupMultigrain Khichadi

Week 2

MondayVegetable PohaJamunDal Roti SabziRoasted ChanaSoy Curry Roti / Egg
TuesdayGreen JuiceCoconut WaterVeg SaladSmall MangoMix Veg Soup
WednesdayBesan ChillaJamun / PeachesPaneer Sabzi RotiRoasted PeanutsMultigrain Khichadi
ThrusdayRelaxed Day
FridayOats UpmaSmall MangoMoong Dal KhichadiEnergy Bars (homemade)Barley / Wheat Daliya
SaturdayWhole Wheat Bread Toast2-3 slices of PineappleMix Veg PulaoRoasted MakhanaDal Roti Sabzi
SundayStuffed ParanthaJamunRajma RiceSoupLove Meal

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