10 Ways to Speed up Weight Loss Process

Most of us start our weight loss journey with a lot of passion and vigour. But after the initial hurrah there comes a stage where it seems that our weight loss has hit a plateau. There can be a number of reasons for this. We’ve compiled a list of simple tips which you can incorporate in your routine to ensure that your weight loss is commensurate to the effort which you’re putting in. These tips are very basic but are scientifically proven to make you live a healthy lifestyle.

1. Number 10 : Keep your Calcium level up

  • Calcium speeds up the metabolism in our body
  • Reduction in the calcium level in body triggers the growth of hormones that causes the body to hold on to the fat that you’re trying to lose
  • Connected to this is the level of vitamin C in your body. It’s important to maintain a healthy level of vitamin C in your body as it helps absorb calcium in the body

2. Number 9 : Start with some Weight Training

  • Light weight training prevents muscle and bone loss
  • Light weight training also speeds up the weight loss process
  • It provides strength to your bones and muscles
  • Weight training kicks the stress accumulated in your body and improves your mood
  • With the strengthening of the body, the risk of injury goes down with weight training
  • It also boosts your metabolism and athletic performance

3. Number 8 : Try the Bulletproof Tea / Coffee

  • Sounds quite scary right.. well not quite. Bulletproof tea / coffee has coconut oil inside it
  • This tea / coffee boosts your energy level and speeds up your metabolism
  • It improves digestion and ensures regular bowel movement
  • Apart from this, this tea / coffee enhances your mood
  • It providing internal lubrication to your body
  • This tea / coffee is suitable for keto diet

The recipe for this tea / coffee will be available on our new channel FitFoodFlavours

4. Number 7 : Stop Multitasking

  • Multitasking is associated with causing harm to our brain functioning
  • It causes stress and anxiety and reduces the mindfulness
  • Multitasking can lead to memory problems
  • Avoid multitasking, specially while having your food. Have your food in peace and keep all the electronic gadgets away while eating

5. Number 6 : Laugh More

  • It might come as a surprise but laughing is a bit of minor aerobics. An hour’s laugh is equivalent to half an hour of cardio
  • It improves your mental health and prevents heart diseases
  • Laughing acts as natural pain killer
  • It increases the life span with better sleep and reduced stress
  • Makes you feel and look younger

6. Number 5 : Eat in Blue plates

  • This might sound weird but research shows that the colour blue is an appetite suppressant because it’s not associated with cravings in the brain
  • The only blue food found in the nature are blueberries so our brain isn’t trained to feel hungry when we see food in blue colour plates or containers

7. Number 4 : Soak in the Sun

  • Studies show that vitamin D potentially helps reduce the formation of new fat cells in the body
  • It also suppresses the storage of fat cells, effectively reducing fat accumulation
  • Vitamin D can increase levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that affects everything from mood to sleep regulation

8. Number 3 : Get your Iron Level checked

  • Iron deficiency can slow down the weight loss process
  • Iron deficiency will make you feel dizzy and tired at all times
  • It reduces your fatigue
  • This constant fatigue makes you eat more than what you need to

9. Number 2 : Get some extra Vitamin B 12

  • Make sure you get vitamin B12 in adequate quantity
  • Deficiency of vitamin B12 can slow down weight loss by causing chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, poor mood
  • It may also cause palpitations or numbness in extremities which can lead to loss of concentration and insomnia

10. Number 1 : Tips to Control Craving

  • Drink a glass of water when you feel hungry
  • Sniff on your favourite spice (cinnamon, peppermint etc)
  • Sniff on apple

Eat before Eating

  • Eat something before you reach starvation zone to reduce your hunger level
  • Start each meal with a bowl of veggies or soup

It is paramount to Rest Relax Rejuvenate Recover and then Re Start !

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