2 Weeks February, Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss ( High Protein, Low Carbs )

Have you taken up our february challenge to lose weight. If yes, we’ve brought for you the two weeks vegetarian diet / meal plan to help achieve your february weight loss goals. This diet plan is balanced and it will provide you with a diet full of nutrition. This time the diet plan slightly low on carbs and high on protein. It’s perfectly suited for anyone trying to lose weight and be healthy. We’ve made this diet plan with the utmost care to include all the major food groups as it’s integral part. This diet plan is very simple, highly balanced and yet very easy to follow. As per the food available in your region cosmetic changes to the diet plan can be made.

Time Restricted Eating

  • You should follow time restricted eating routine
  • This month however, it should be 15 :9
  • This means 15 hours of fasting and 9 hours of eating window
  • Time restricted eating provides adequate time and rest to your digestive system to function efficiently

Front Loading Method

  • Just like earlier, follow the front loading method of eating
  • Start with a cup of veggies followed up protein and fat
  • Consume carbs after protein and fat

Calorie Deficit Diet Plan

  • This diet plan is slightly deficient on calories
  • The quantity of carbs consumed in this deiet plan is low
  • This diet plan is high on protein and contains fat in moderate quantity
  • Make sure you include Protein, Fiber and Fat in adequate quantity in your diet

Some pointers for a balanced diet and good health

  • One day in a week, try to follow detox diet
  • The diet plan for detox diet is available on our channel and website
  • Try and include one week cleansing diet in february
  • This is ensure good gut health
  • Cleansing diet also helps you get rid of acidity and other gastro issues
  • Snacks
  • It’s very important to ensure that 90-95% of the snacks you consume are home cooked
  • Only consume natural and unprocessed snacks
  • The palm, fist and thumb rule
  • As a basic guideline, make sure your main meal without veggies fits in both your palms
  • Your snack size should be not more than the size of your closed fist
  • The amount of protein in every meal should be equal to the size of a single palm
  • The amount of healthy fat in one meal should be not more than a thumb size
  • Eat local and eat seasonal
  • There is no supplement for fresh local produce

Points to remember

  • Have early dinner
  • Finish your dinner at least 3 hours prior to going to bed
  • Make sure you chew your food properly, eat slowly, gently and deliberately
  • Make sure you’re not distracted while eating
  • Put away your phone, laptop, and other electronics when you’re eating
  • Do not sit in front of the television while having your food
  • Include probiotics in your diet (fermented food)
  • If possible, include herbal tea daily in your diet
  • Have your herbal tea either between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner
  • To kick start your day, have your morning energiser
  • Consume this after having your warm water which is very important

To Get Good Weight Loss Results

  • Follow your workout routine religiously
  • Stay active throughout the day, if you have an desk job, every two hours talk a walk, set your fitness band to remind you
  • The biggest and most underrated factor of bad health is stress
  • Try and not take unnecessary stress
  • Take out all toxic things and toxic people out of your life
  • Get sound sleep
  • Take very good care of your gut health
  • Drink plenty of warm water throughout the day

Week 1

  Breakfast   Lunch Start with one cup veggie serving Dinner (1 serving of veggies must)
Mon (Detox) Oats chilla (paneer or egg stuffing) Sprout mung dal salad / Mungdal with rice and curd Soup with multi grain khichadi
Tue Green detox drink Mix semi cooked veggies Detox soup
Wed Homemade granola Egg white vegetable salad (marinated tofu salad) Soya chap / egg curry (or chicken curry with rotiand light sabzi
Thru Ragi chilla (paneer, mung dal or egg stuffing) Palak chana dal and rice or rice / roti and curd Carrot sweet daliya
Fri Apple smoothie (plant milk or water) Paneer roll with chutney (include egg / chicken roll) Makki roti and saag
Sat Idli sambhar Your treat meal Palak paneer and roti
Sun Missi roti (paratha)  Rajma and rice / roti with curd Bajra khichadi with veggies

​​​​​Week 2

  Breakfast   Lunch Start with 1 cup veggies Dinner  
Mon   Mung dal chilla Multigrain roti with sabziand curd Palak lentil veggies soup
Tue (detrox) Red detox drink Mix veg salad Detox soup
Wed Veg poha with peanut or eggs Sprout salad with veggies and curd Carrot lentil veggies soup
Thru Green smoothie Chana dal with rice / rotiand curd Soy / paneer / egg / chicken roll with light veggies
Fri Homemade granola Chole rice with curd and veggies Mung dal khichadi
Sat Multigrain parantha Veg paneer biryani Makki roti and saag
Sun Bread egg or paneertoast Treat meal Daliya (sweet or namkeen)  

4 thoughts on “2 Weeks February, Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss ( High Protein, Low Carbs )

  1. Hello mam mera name sarika hai after pregnancy mera weight kam nahi horaha mujhy bloting ki bhi problem hai khana kam khathi hu phirbhi body me fat kam nahi horaha .

  2. I’m following u since last 7-8 months…I hv lost some inches but still I’m not loosing weight.Plz help me.I hv c-section delivery last year that’s why belly and thigh fat is decreasing at very slow rate.Help me.

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