February Weight loss Challenge, 2020

We’ve brought 5 basic strategies for you to achieve your health and fitness goals. Follow these 5 simple but extremely effective weight loss challenges and strategies to see immediate results. The January weight loss challenge turned out to be a huge success with a number of you sharing your challenges and goals achieved. Let’s push ourselves a little more to get even more healthy. Along with these 5 strategies, we’ll also share diet plans and workout programs.

1. Balanced diet challenge
(a) Time restricted eating method (15 : 9)
– Follow the 15 : 9 method of time restricted eating
– Eat in a 9 hour window and give rest to your system for 15 hours
(b) Follow PFF in every meal
– Include adequate protein, fiber and healthy fat in your diet
– Make sure that every meal you have is multi dimensional with a mix of protein, fiber and healthy fat in right proportions
(c) Front loading method of eating
– Very simple but a effective method of eating which you should adopt
– Start with veggies (fiber load)
– Move to quality protein
– At the end have protein with some carbs (3/4 portion protein with 1/4 portion carbs)
(d) 90 % home cooked or natural snack
– While snacking make sure you avoid packaged unhealthy food
– Instead have home cooked or natural snacks
(e) One week cleansing diet
– We’ve shared the recipe for one week cleansing diet on our channel

Apart from these 5 balanced diet challenges, continue following healthy eating habits some of which are given below :-

  • Detox one day in the week (refer to my last month challenge)
  • Healthy plating method
  • Eat slowly and without any distractions
  • Chew your food properly
  • Stay hydrated
  • Enjoy one love meal every week

2. February workout challenge
(a) Walk 9000 steps every day
– Use pedometer, fitness watches or phone apps
(b) Ten minutes of early morning workout everyday
(c) 25 minutes of daily dedicated workout (you need this to cover 9000 steps everyday)
– 5 days a week

3. February stress buster challenge
(a) Digital detox daily for 4 hours
– Keep all electronic gadgets away for 4 hours daily
– You can do this in the morning after you wake up or prior to going off to sleep
(b) One full day digital detox in a month
– Keep one day in the month where you stay away from all the gadgets
(c) Perform 5 minutes of savasan everyday
– Best done on a hard surface

4. February sound sleep challenge
(a) Do box breathing for 1-2 minutes
– This helps reduce anxiety and stress
(b) Don’t use any gadget 40 minutes before bedtime
(c) Read and stay motivated

5. February fun challenge
(a) Sing or hum in the morning
– Sing / hum your favourite tune after you wake up
(b) Buy yourself a dress
– Buy a dress which is a size smaller than your current size
– Challenge yourself to fit into the dress

We’re eager to hear your transformational stories. Send your stories to us to win exciting prizes!!

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