Aliv Kheer for Hormonal Balance and Weight Loss

Hormonal balance and weight loss are the two topmost things everyone is trying to achieve. This “Aliv Kheer” supports both of them, along with being amazingly tasty, healthy and encumbered with nutrients.
People with sweet tooth are going to love it and are going to have double advantages, first to satisfy their cravings and sweet tooth, along with gaining such amazing health benefits and consuming loads of nutrients.

Health Benefits

  • Bolsters the immunity.
  • Helps in maintaining hormonal balance in the body.
  • Aids in weight loss and management.
  • Strengthens bone health.
  • Gives an instant boost of energy.
  • Good for the gut and the heart.


Aliv seeds2 tsp.
Desi cow milk/ Plant milk200-250 ml
Jaggery powder2 tsp.
Chopped almondsHandful
Chopped cashewsHandful
Desi ghee1/2 tsp.


  • Soak aliv seeds in water and mix well for the pre-preparation.
  • In a pan, add desi ghee, and cardamom, and sauté a bit.
  • Add grated carrot to the pan and start mixing.
  • Now gradually add milk to the pan, and simultaneously stir it.
  • To it, add soaked aliv seeds and mix again.
  • Give it a nice boil and stir continuously.
  • Top it off with some chopped almonds, cashews, and some raisins.
  • Now it’s time to add jaggery powder to the pan.
  • Once it is cooked, transfer it to a bowl.
  • And your deliciously nutritious “Aliv Kheer is ready”.

Nutritional Information

  • Aliv seeds are a great source of iron, folic acid, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A. These seeds are loaded with phytochemicals that are similar to estrogen, a hormone that plays various significant roles in female body, and hence it helps in hormonal balance and weight loss too.
  • Carrot is enriched with the goodness of several vitamins and minerals especially biotin, potassium, vitamin A, K1, and B6.
  • Milk is a great source of protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and several B vitamins.
  • Jaggery powder is an excellent source of iron, copper, and magnesium, that helps in the detoxification of the body.
  • Almonds are rich in protein, fiber, vitamin E, copper, magnesium, and riboflavin. They are also a great source of iron, potassium, zinc, and several B vitamins.
  • Cashews are jam-packed with fiber, heart-healthy fats, and plant protein. They are a great source of copper, magnesium, and manganese.
  • Raisins are a great source of fiber, and tartaric acid, that is known to show anti-inflammatory properties, improve intestinal function, and regulate the good bacteria in your gut.
  • Desi ghee is loaded with Vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids and linoleic acid.
  • Cardamom is overloaded with phytochemicals that exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Nutritional Calculations

350 Kcal48 gm11.6 gm15.5 gm

Do try this amazingly delicious recipe!

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