The Best Of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and extra belly fat. Intermittent fasting leads to a number of body changes that promote fat burning and hormonal balance. Intermittent fasting is also a convenient way to lose weight. Let’s look at certain must do’s to ensure that intermittent fasting is as effective as it should be.

What is intermittent fasting ?

  • Intermittent fasting is a way of eating
  • It requires people to perform fats at regular intervals mostly on a daily basis
  • You divide the day into 2 parts or windows, one is the eating window and other being a fasting window
  • Standard method is 16 : 8 that is 8 hours of eating window and 16 hours of fasting
  • However, according to me, window is 14 : 10 is ideal
  • We’ve advised people to go slow with intermittent fasting

How do we lose weight in intermittent fasting ?

  • With no immediate energy during fasting, the fat tissues provide energy to the rest of the body
  • This is done by realizing fatty acid molecules
  • By not eating for too long, that is an entire day for example, the body went into preservation mode and became resistant to realizing the fatty acids
  • Thus, by fasting for too long periods, our belly may actually become resistant

Ways to lose belly fat during intermittent fasting

  • To start with, follow the right window
  • Begin slowly and then gradually move to your suitable window
  • Beginning with too steep window may actually cause harm to the body
  • Opening and closing of fast
  • You need to open and close the fast with the utmost care
  • This needs to be done to avoid bloating
  • Bloating might be one of the reasons for you to not achieve a flat belly
  • Watch the portion size
  • Irrespective of the meal timings, you need to watch the portion size
  • Don’t open or close the fast with too heavy meals
  • Be particular with the timings
  • Follow the same window and meal timings on a regular basis to get the best results
  • Eating on the same schedule daily helps boost metabolism
  • Exercise
  • Combine exercise with intermittent fasting like HIIT and strength training
  • This will allow you to achieve the maximum result
  • When should you exercise
  • Exercise should be done close to or within the eating window
  • This will ensure that your body can recover from the strain of exercise
  • Identify your type of belly fat
  • Identify the type of belly fat you’re struggling with to address it correctly
  • Cortisol hormone can cause central obesity or stress belly
  • Have stress management strategy in place with intermittent fasting to target this belly fat
  • Similarly, hormonal belly fat needs to be addressed differently in the body
  • Menopause, PCOS, PCOD, birth control pills etc can all cause hormonal belly
  • Fatty live can also prevent you from losing belly fat

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