Weight Loss Challenge

August Weight Loss Challenge

Rather than jumping to sudden weight loss plans / schemes and diets, it is important to understand what causesd weight gain. Accordingly, one needs to plan for long term weight loss process. The first step we take to improve our lifestyle for weight loss is to come up with a schedule or routine.

Healthy lifestyle

  • The beginning of a weight loss journey begins with a healthy lifestyle
  • Your lifestyle needs to be stress free with adequate importance on your health
  • A healthy lifestyle starts with a schedule
  • To incorporate a good schedule in your lifestyle, you need to have a healthy routine
  • This routine needs to lay equal importance on family and office with time for workout and relaxation as well
  • Your routine is a sum total of your habits
  • Habits are a result of your behaviour and things which stimulate you
  • There are a number of things which result in stimuli
  • These are different for different people
  • As a aware human being, it is imperative you figure out what is your stimuli, what are the things that drive you

Avoid the loop

  • An unhealthy lifestyle is often the result of an avoidable loop
  • An example
  • You end up binge watching netflix in the night
  • In the morning, the alarm goes off but you are still recovering from the late night and end up turning off the alarm
  • As a result of the late morning, you miss your workout
  • Also, you end up having a disturbed routine for the rest of the day
  • Having cheat days once in a while is alright but this shoudn’t be happening too often


  • Stimulus are basically brain cues which evolve a specific behaviour
  • Stimuli results in a behavioural action, it mostly occurs in loop
  • Looping makes it difficult to get out of a poor behaviour or habits

You need to find out your stimuli for bad / unhealthy behaviour                                                                                                

  • Go in reverse order to break the loop
  • Break the loop of repeated poor behaviour
  • Find answers to the following questions
  • Why don’t you have time
  • Why are you getting up late
  • Wht do you feel tired
  • Stimuli can be poor diet or hydration or less activity

How to get out of the loop ?

  • Alternative to  bad habits (replacement better than removal)
  • Rewards
  • Mindfulness to cues
  • Find or develop a support system
  • Manage your stress
  • Make healthy habits easy to do and follow
  • Make it automatic
  • Relate one after another / co relate / easy flowing
  • Make bad habits difficult to follow

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