August Weight Loss Diet Plan

August weight loss diet plan. This is the diet plan for the august fat loss challenge. Try this 1400 calorie two weeks full meal plan to lose 10 kgs. This diet is high on protein and fibre. Instead fad diets like keto, low carb, paleo etc and eliminating one particular food group from the diet, it is better to opt for a diet which contains all food groups, is highly balanced and is easy to follow. This diet plan is to boost energy, immunity and metabolism.

Behavioural changes to improve eating habits

  • Eat slowly and chew properly
  • Eat without distraction
  • Don’t eat if you don’t enjoy it
  • Be mindful, stop eating before you are full

Morning drinks to choose from

  • Methi dana water
  • Infused turmeric water
  • Neem juice
  • Other super green juice
  • Jamun seeds juice
  • Giloy amla juice

1st week

MondayMultigrain chilla (besan, oats) with egg or paneer stuffingPaneer vegetable pulaoQuinoa vegetable soup
Tuesday1/2 cup poha, peanuts and veggiesKala chana with steamed veggues and rotiGrilled tofu with veggies
Wednesday1.5 cup fruits (jamun and plums)Mix veg saladTomato rasam soup with veggies
ThrusdayMango oats smoothieDal with roti / rice, salad and curdRagi roti / chilla, veggies and paneer bhurji
FridayOats moong dal chilla or pancakesLauki chana dal with roti and veggiesHigh protein mix veg khichadi
SaturdayRagi high protein smoothieRajma with rice and saladMultigrain mix veg khichadi
SundayMissi roti or parantha (besan and whole wheat)Love mealMix veg whole moong dal soup

2nd week

MondayBesan chilla, tomato chutney with veggiesRagi roti, peanut chutney and dalGrilled paneer and veggies
TuesdayJamun smoothieMoong dal, sabzi and rotiQuinoa salad and veggies
WednesdaySeasonal fruits servingMix veg saladVegetable stew
ThrusdayHomemade granola with plant milkCorn peanut mix veg salad with lemon dressingPaneer vegetable roll and side veggies
FridaySabudana khichadi, veggies and peanutsMix veg boiled chana salad and lemon dressingPumpkin sabzi, roti and side veggies
SaturdayRagi chilla and peanut chutneyRajma with rice and saladSoy gravy with veggies and roti
SundayStuffed parantha and veggiesLove mealMix veg lentil soup

Certain additional pointers

  • Food items like oats, banana, legumes and seeds are high in prebiotic
  • Add besan and corn to your diet to avoid bloating dut to water retention
  • Post lunch drink herbal tea
  • Include bhuna chana with gur, roasted peanuts, bhuttaa and corn chat as evening snacks
  • For evening drinks have ajwain, turmeric tea and besan haldi milk
  • Avoid detox water for this month
  • Apart from eating healthy, exercise on a regular basis
  • Stay hydrated to boost metabolism
  • Stress and lack of sleep can also prevent you from achieving desired weight loss goals

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