Tasty Crunchy Oats

If you are someone, who is always in a hurry in the morning and skips breakfast with the excuse of having not much time to prepare it, this delicious recipe of “Crunchy Oats”, are a savior for once and all.

Also, if you are also bored of eating that same and usual soggy oats porridge, count on this tasty crunchy oats for breakfast or even as a snack.

This recipe can be made with very little effort and time, and you can still enjoy it to the fullest.

Not only it has an amazingly wonderful taste, but it’s also jam-packed with every nutrient that is enough to kick start your day with energy and happiness.


  1. Aids in weight loss and management.
  2. Boost energy.
  3. Provides satiety and palatability.
  4. It helps reduce high blood pressure.
  5. Reduce blood sugar levels.
  6. Helps in maintaining hormonal levels.


COOKING TIME: 10-20 minutes

TOTAL TIME: 20-30 minutes

Serves: 3

Calories: 240 Kcal/ Serve


1.Quick Oats1 cup
2.Seeds and Berries Mix¼ cup
3.100% peanut butter1 tbsp.
4.Jaggery Powder2-3 tsp.
5.Cold Presses Pure Coconut Oil1.5 tsp.
6.Chopped Dried Coconut1 tbsp.
7.Seasonal Fruit1 (Your Choice)
8.Plant Milk (optional)1 cup

I am using “Neuherbs Antioxidant Mix”; which is a crunchy, nutty and sweet delight of seeds and berries.

Buy Neuherb’s Antioxidant Mix: https://amzn.to/36lzMR7

It is a tremendous way to support heart, skin, and bone health.


  1. It is rich in protein, fiber, healthy fats, Vitamin E, and minerals like magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and potassium.
  2. Seeds and berries are a good source of potassium, and healthy fats like PUFA and MUFA, which may help manage blood cholesterol and also helps in maintain blood pressure levels.


  1. Dry roast the quick oats in a pan on lowered flame.
  2. Now add seeds and berries mix to the pan and dry roast them as well.
  3. Now take a bowl and add peanut butter, cold-pressed coconut oil, and jaggery powder, and mix well.
  4. Now mix the bowl mixture with dry roasted oats and seeds and berries mix.
  5. Now add chopped dried coconut to it.
  6. After mixing the wet and dry ingredients, you can either microwave for 30-45 seconds or bake for 3-5 minutes at 160 degrees, so that the moisture is absorbed by the oats and they retain the crunch and crispiness.
  7. Add any seasonal fruit of choice but only when the temperature is cooled down.
  8. It can be consumed as it is or with plant milk as per your choice.


Oats are a great source of both soluble as well as insoluble fiber. It is also rich in essential vitamins and minerals including manganese, phosphorus, biotin, copper, thiamine, etc.

Seeds and Berries Mix is a mixture of berries and various types of seeds which are undoubtedly the healthiest and richest source of high-quality proteins and healthy fats.

Peanut Butter is a concentrated source of nutrients including protein, vitamin E, niacin, copper, etc. 

Coconut either in form of oil or dried, contains adequate protein, a few significant minerals, and a limited quantity of B Vitamins. They are particularly high in manganese.

Jaggery purifies the blood and cleanses the respiratory tract, the lungs, and also the digestive tract.

Seasonal Fruit has comparatively higher nutritional value because they are fresher as compared to non-seasonal fruits. Fruits, be that be any fruit provides you a load of nutrition as they are enriched with antioxidants, essential vitamins, and minerals.

Plant Milk is usually lesser in calories and fats as compared to dairy milk and offers wholesome nutrition.

720 Kcal102 g19.5 g27.6 g

Calories: 240 Kcal/ Serve Count on this easy-to-make breakfast for your busy mornings!

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