Burn 300 Calories Daily This Summer; Without Dieting or Exercise

Whenever we think about “Losing weight”, first step that comes to our mind is burning more and more calories!
Burning more calories than you consume is the most important step in the ladder of weight loss.
So here are some very simple and mindful techniques to burn or cut down at most 300 calories everyday in summers.
Smart work is more beneficial when compared to hard work in today’s era. It is not always required to be harsh to yourself in order to achieve a goal.
Taking small steps, doing minimal mindful changes in your day to day routine also serves a lot, more than you think and neglect.

Here are some summer healthy foods and drinks swap that you can very easily do, and see big changes:

Replace SODA with SHIKANJI (200 ml)

SodaLemon Juice
Calories80 Kcal40 Kcal (With natural sweetener)
Nutrition0Rich in vitamin C and Antioxidants
Benefits0Hydration, Boost digestion.
Side EffectsWeight gain, dehydration, high in sugar, damage gut health.
  1. Save Up to 40 Calorie per serving
  2. Add sparkling Water occasionally to Make your lemonade fun.

Replace ICE-CREAM With Sweetened CURD / YOGURT( 100g)

Ice-creamSweetened HM curd/yogurt
Calories207 Kcal60-70 Kcal
NutritionHigh on unhealthy fats & refined sugar and contain additives & preservatives.Rich in protein, calcium, probiotics & many other nutrients
BenefitsSatisfying and improves gut health.
Side effectsWeight gain, acne, more cravings.Nil, if consumed in moderation.
  1. Save Up to 100 Calories per serving.
  2. Enjoy Homemade Fruit popsicles during summers.

Store Bought Juices vs HM Juices ( Not Strained) ( 1 Glass).

Store bought JuicesHomemade juices/ Whole fruits
CaloriesUp to 18070
NutritionMay have added Sugar, additives & preservatives.Rich in multiple nutritious & Fiber.
BenefitsFresh, high in micronutrients and antioxidants.
Side effectsWeight gain.Nil, if consumed in moderation.
  1. Prefer Whole Fruit, if juicing Don’t remove fiber.

DAIRY milk vs PLANT Milk ( For Shakes & Smoothies )

Dairy milkPlant milk
Calories150 Kcal80 Kcal
NutritionRich in calcium, protein & many other nutrients.Have Some calcium & other nutrients.
BenefitsGreat if comes from reliable source.Easy to digest, reliable if made at home.
Side effectsHeavy to digest.Requires extra effort for preparation
  1. Use Plant milk for cold Coffee Teas & Chia Puddings.

Sports/ ENERGY Drinks vs COCONUT WATER( 100ml)

Energy drinksCoconut Water
Calories60-150 Kcal20-30 Kcal
NutritionHigh on artificial colors and flavors.Rich in electrolytes and micronutrients.
BenefitsGreat for gut health, digestion, and hydration.
Side effectsWeight gainNil, if consumed in moderation.
  1. You can enjoy other Traditional Drinks like Kokum juice, Barley Water, Bel Juice, Kanji etc.

Replace Mayo / Dips with HM Chutney(1 Tbsp. For Salad)

MayoHM Chutney.
Calories60-90 Kcal10-20 Kcal
NutritionHigh on unhealthy fat.Rich in antioxidants.
BenefitsBest use of seasonal herbs and other ingredients.
Side effectsWeight gain
  1. Find Recent salad recipes on my recipe Channel “Fit Food Flavors”.

Flavored Powder / Drink Vs HM Detox/ Infused Water.

  • 1 Tbsp. Flavored Powder – 50+ calories
  • Infused water – 20 Calories

Deep frying vs Air frying/ Baking.

Air frying, grilling, and baking should be preferred over deep frying.

1 Tbsp. Cooking Oil – 120 calories.

Store Bought Fermented Drink vs HM Buttermilk (Chaas) ( 80ml)

SB Fermented DrinkHM Buttermilk (Chaas)
Calories50 Kcal35 Kcal
NutritionProbiotics and sugar.Probiotics, calcium and more.
BenefitsHarmful if consumed everyday.Great for gut health and digestion.
Side effectsHigh on sugar and preservative.Nil.


  1. Instead of Bread, use lettuce leaves for making Rolls & Sandwiches.
  2. Boiled eggs over fried eggs or omelets ( Save 40-50 calories from 1-2 tsp oil).
  3. Veggies over chips or fries with dips or salsa.
  4. Cauliflower rice over usual Rice.

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