Flax Seeds vs Chia Seeds, Which is Better

Chia seeds and Flax seeds have both been in the spotlight recently, largely due to the claim that both of them act as effective agents against weight gain when used as part of a balanced diet. However, there exists a lot of confusion amongst people about the two. Some people even think that they are one and the same. In actual, there is a lot of difference between Chia seeds and Flax seeds and it’s a good idea to get to know both products before committing to use them. Let’s look at the differences in the two.


  • Chia seeds
    • Produced in Central and South Mexico
  • Flax seeds
    • Produced in India and the Mediterranean region


  • Chia seeds
    • Can be consumed both raw and soaked. No preparation is needed
  • Flax seeds
    • Can not be eaten without preparation
    • They need to be roasted and grinded for best use


  • Chia seeds are slightly smaller than flax seeds, oval in shape and come in different colours like grey, brown, white and black
  • Flax seeds are flatter and slightly bigger than chia seeds
    • They are generally brown or golden and can be bought whole or ground

Nutritional value (1 tsp)

  • Both chia seeds and flax seeds are rich in a variety of nutrients

Chia seeds              Flax seeds

Calories                  48                         53               

Carbs                     3.1 gms                 2.6 gms

Fibre                      2.9 gms                 2.5 gms

Protein                   1.5 gms                 1.9 gms

Fat                        3.1 gms                 3.8 gms

Omega 3                4,900 mg               6,400 mg

Nutritional value (1 tsp)

Chia seeds           Flax seeds

Manganese             30 % of RDI           35 % of RDI          

Thiamine                11 % of RDI           31 % of RDI

Magnesium             30 % of RDI           27 % of RDI

Phosphorus            27 % of RDI           18 % of RDI

Copper                   03 % of RDI           17 % of RDI

Selenium                22 % of RDI           10 % of RDI

Iron                       12 % of RDI           09 % of RDI

Zunc                      07 % of RDI           08 % of RDI

Calcium                  18 % of RDI           07 % of RDI

Potassium               01 % of RDI           07 % of RDI


  • Chia seeds
    • Chia seeds are tasteless
  • Flax seeds
    • Flax seeds have a slightly nuttier flavour


  • Flax seeds being locally produced are cheaper compared to chia seeds which are imported

Weight Loss benefits

  • Both chia seeds and flax seeds linked very often with weight loss
  • Neither produces sudden and effortless weight loss
  • Both however can be used as a very effective aid in weight loss
  • You feel more sated after eating both the seeds. Both help to fill you up, thus helping you avoid snacking throughout the day
  • Both however are not substitutes for good health. Both of them form part of a healthy diet


  • Consumption of both have to be in moderation
  • You can start with 1 tsp and go up to 1 tbsp


  • Both seeds are very nutritious
  • If you’re looking for more omega 3, pick flax seeds
  • If you’re looking for higher amount of fiber and bone strenghting minerals, opt for chia seeds
  • Both may lower the risk of heart diseases, blood sugar, high bp and aid in digestive health
  • Both aid in reducing stress, increase energy and metabolism
  • Upto 40 % of the fiber from flax is soluble. In contrast, only 5 % of the total fiber in chia is soluble. As a result, flax seeds may be slightly more  effective at reducing hunger and appetite than chia seeds
  • Both chia and flax seeds are incredibly versatile and an easy addition to most dishes
  • Both are a good source of fiber, protein and healthy fats. They supply a range of micronutrients of fiber, protein and healthy fats. They supply a range of micronutrients including manganese, phosphorus and thiamine
  • You can use both chia seeds and flax seeds to support digestion, boost cardiovascular health, increase energy levels, support weight loss and promote muscle building

Best way to use

The best way to use both chia seeds and flax seeds is to add half a tablespoon to one full tablespoon of each to a smoothie, baked goods recipe, yogurt or breakfast bowl

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