How to Use Desi Chai in Weight Loss?

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing wonderfully well. This article is dedicated to the Indian desi chai. Is drinking tea with milk healthy is the question which has been adequately addressed in this article. Some other useful tricks and tips which you can use to get the maximum benefit from your tea.

How to consume chai in weight loss

  • To start with, don’t let tea become an addition
  • 1st problem
    • Due to incompatibilty of the milk protein csein and tea antioxidants, the effect of tea antioxidants reduces
  • Solution
    • Add Indian herbs and spices to increase the antioxidant level in your chai
    • You should add spices as per season, your region and your bady type
    • Adding spices like tulsi can reduce the side effects in many ways
  • 2nd problem
    • Milk tea can cause acidity, bloating or indigestion
  • Solution
    • Add herbs and spices like fennel, nutmeg, ginger or cardamom
    • You can also regulate / cut down on the quantity of milk you’re using in your tea
    • You can add herbs and spices like tulsi, ginger, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper
    • These herbs and spices increase the antioxidants level in the body, relax the brain, reduce acidity, reduce bloating, boost immunity and increase metabolism

Health benefits of drinking tea

  • Tea is loaded with antioxidants
  • It boosts immunity and metabolism
  • It relaxes the blood vessels
  • Tea is good for the brain, it stimulates the nervous system
  • It reduces cell damage and reduces oxidative effects of tea in the body
  • It is very good for the heart
  • It reduces blood sugar
  • It is anti inflammatory and has anti aging properties

How to consume tea / chai in weight loss

  • Add some herbs / spices as per the season and your body type
  • Add natural sweetners instead of white sugar
  • Cut down on the amount of sweetner to reduce calories and avoid addition
  • Reduce your serving size
  • Work around the timings
  • Try to develop taste for adding plant milk in your desi chai

How to become master of your desi chai ?

1st step

  • Don’t drink tea immediately after waking up
  • Avoid tea empty stomach
  • Wait for atleast 90 minutes to have your first cup of tea / coffee

2nd step

  • Don’t combine tea with meal or drink it right after your meals
  • The tannings found in black tea can inhibit the absorption of iron, calcium, zinc and many other nutrients from our meal
  • Enjoy your tea 45 minutes to 1 hour post meal or in between meals

3rd step

  • Consume tea when you are about to carsh or you’re tired
  • This will help you utilise maximum benefits from tea
  • Once in a while you can have tea for relaxation

4th step

  • Don’t consume tea post sunset
  • The caffeine in tea stays in your blood stream for long which might interfere with the quality of your sleep
  • Set a tea curfew post 5 pm

5th step

  • Go chai free alleast for one week every week
  • This will help you avoid getting addicted to tea
  • It will also help build your body’s natural ability to work without a stimulant

How much tea should you have in a day ?

  • Minimum of 1 cup and a maximum of 3 cups is what is recommended
  • Along with the number of cups, the portion size of the cup is very important
  • Do not use mugs to have your tea

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