Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan

Intermittent fasting is not a diet plan but an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting. It does not say anything about what food to eat but rather when you eat your food.

Intermittent fasting

  • The concept of intermittent fasting generally includes 16 hours of fasting window and 8 hours of eating window
  • However for beginners, 14 : 10 fasting and eating window is more suitable
  • The intermittent fasting window which i follow is
  • 1st meal at 0900 hours
  • Last meal at 1900 hours
  • Drinks allowed in fasting window
  • You can have drinks under 20 calories
  • Stay hydrated during the fasting window
  • Avoid consuming tea / coffee in the fasting window
  • Tea / coffee can cause acidity and other digestive issues if consumed empty stomach

My recommended eating schedule

  • 0800 hours : Morning drink (in fasting window)
  • 0900 hours : 1st light meal
  • 0945 hours : Breakfast
  • 1145 hours : Snacks
  • 1400 hours : Lunch
  • 1700 hours : Evening snacks (milk)
  • 1900 hours : Dinner

Some other basics

  • You can follow a weekly detox diet
  • Always break your fast with a light meal
  • Options for light morning meal
  • 6-8 soaked almonds and 1 tsp soaked raisins
  • 1 soaked fig and 1 walnut
  • 1 soaked dried apricot with almonds
  • Fresh seasonal fruit

Intermittent fasting diet plan

MonRagi chilla with 1 egg or low fat paneer stuffingFruit / dahi or veggiesDal, 2 rotis, salad and dahiGur chanaQuinoa pulao, soup and veggies
TueMix veg poha Boiled chana saladMakhanaGrilled paneer, veggies and 1 roti
WedVegetable upmaCoconut waterMoong dal roti, sabzi and dahiMakhanaMultigrain dalia and veggies
ThruFresh fruit juice or beet carrot moringa juice Mix vegetable saladMurmuraMix veg stew
FriOats carrot smoothie Sprouts pulao, veggies and dahiChana gurRagi roti, paneer sabzi and soup
SatMissi roti with coriander chutney Chana dal, roti / riceEnergy barsQuinoa khichadi
SunEgg toast Rajma, rice, salad and dahi Dal soup, grilled veggies and roti

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