January weight loss diet plan

With the advent of new year we look to maintain our health and try to achieve our weight loss goals. We gave the weight loss challenge for the month of January which is now followed by the weight loss diet plan for the month of January.

Guidelines for January weight loss diet challenge

  • Time restricted eating
  • Intermittent fasting is one of the easiest ways to lose weight
  • Try to follow the 14 : 10 method of intermittent fasting
  • Pre workout snack
  • Workout without any nutrition is seldom beneficial
  • Make sure you consume something and get energy for your morning workout
  • This diet plan is a calorie deficit diet plan
  • It includes healthy fluids, detox water, herbal teas and soups
  • It includes serving of veggies in every meal
  • Avoid mixing cooked and uncooked veggies in the diet
  • Add probiotics to your diet
  • Detox once a week
  • Add millets to your diet
  • These can be millets like ragi, bajra, jawar
  • Include good quality complete protein in the diet
  • Watch the portion size
  • Snacks : fist full
  • Main meal : size of both hands
  • Healthy fat : size of thumb

Morning drink

  • Morning should start with 2-3 glasses of luke warm water
  • Prepare your detox water in advance
  • Some examples / recipes of detox water are as under :-
  • 1/8 tsp ajwain seeds with pinch of rock salt and small piece of jaggery
  • 1/8 tsp fennel seeds with pinch of cinnamon and rock salt with jaggery
  • 1/8 tsp of cumin seeds with rock salt and jaggery

Day starter

  • The day starter snack is very important
  • If you’re looking for a pre breakfast workout, it is imperative that you consume something prior to the workout
  • This provides you with the requisite energy to workout and burn calories efficiently
  • Some of the say starter or pre workout snacks which you can consume are :-
  • 5 soaked almonds with 1 tsp soaked raisins
  • 5 soaked almonds with 1 / 2 fresh dates
  • Fist full of any other soaked nuts with 1 soaked dry fruit
  • The dry fruits can be apricot, date or prune
  • You can also consume any seasonal fresh fruits prior to your workout
  • Let’s look at the diet plan for the month of January

Week 1

 Breakfast 0945 hrsMid morning snack 1130 hrsLunch 1400 hrsEvening snack 1600 hrsDinner 1830 hrsBedtime drink  
MonEggless veggies  omeletFresh fruitsPalak chana dal, rice and veggiesAny sweet of your choiceTomato soup with paneer veggies rollGinger clove tea
TueHigh protein poha bowlFreshly set curd and fruitsMakki roti, saag and veggiesMakhanaLentil soup and sweet jaggery carrot daliyaCinnamon tea
WedBesan oats suji chilla with paneer stuffingFresh fruitsMillet bowlPhool makhanaCarrit pumpkin soup with palak paneer rotiCamomile tea
ThruMultivitamin juiceFresh fruitsSteamed and seasoned veggiesCoconut waterMix vegetable stewTurmeric and black pepper tea
FriIdli sambharFresh fruitsBajra roti, saag and veggiesHomemade ladooOats tomato smoothie and grilled broccoli with tofuFennel tea
SatGreem smoothie made in milkFreshly set curd and fruitsLove mealHandful peanutsMoong dal veggies khichadiMoringa tea
SunMethi paranthaFresh fruitsQuinoa vegetable pulaoNamkeenGolden carrot dinner smoothieWarm water

Week 2

 Breakfast 0945 hrsMid morning snack 1130 hrsLunch 1400 hrsEvening snack 1600 hrsDinner 1830 hrsBedtime drink  
MonBesan methi chilla with tahini mustard dipFresh fruitsMultigrain roti and sabziAny sweet of your choiceMillet Buddha bowlGinger clove tea
TueOats paneer uttapam with veggiesFreshly set curd and fruitsKala chana sabzi, rice and veggiesSteamed cornTomato soup with grilled veggiesCinnamon tea
WedSteamed sprouts with peanuts and veggiesFresh fruitsMix veg pulao and raitaPhool makhanaBuddha bowl paneer, veggies and quinoaTurmeric tea
ThruMorning glow juiceFresh fruitsSteamed veggiesCoconut waterMix vegetable stewCamomile tea
FriOats ragi with paneer stuffingFresh fruitsQuinoa vegetable saladHomemade ladooGreen dinner smoothieFennel tea
SatSpinach and paneer sandwitch with green chutneyFreshly set curd and fruitsLove mealChana dal chaatLite mix veg tomato soupKalonji tea
SunGreen oats smoothieFresh fruitsBajra chana dal khichadi and veggiesGur chanaGolden carrot dinner smoothieWarm water

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