Most Important Habits For Weight Loss

If you’re looking to be fit and in your ideal weight window, it is imperative to follow certain very important habits. These habits help you master some basic requirements that lay the foundation of weight loss. Let’s look at these habits

No crash diets

  • Crash diets are probably the worst advice that one can adhere to
  • Most of these diets ask you to totally cut out one food group from your diet
  • That is not a very healthy thing to do
  • Instead make sure you stick to a balanced diet which consists of all food groups
  • Keep a check on the portion of food you consume

Eat slowly

  • Whenever you’re consuming your food, make sure that you eat and chew properly
  • Make sure you eat slowly
  • Our mind takes about 20 minutes to register the food that we eat
  • Eating very fast leads to non digestion of food and overeating
  • Eat slowly on the other hand will ensure that you digest your food properly

Mindful eating

  • Apart from eating slowly and deliberately, it is also very important to practice mindful eating
  • Eat without any distractions
  • Avoid sitting and watching tv or any other instrument while you eat
  • This ensures that you chew properly and don’t end up eating too much


  • When it comes to exercise, it is very important to be consistent
  • Make sure you spend at least 30 minutes daily for exercise
  • These 30 minutes will ensure that you stay active and lose that extra weight as well


  • Plan your meals
  • Most of the times, we end up eating unhealthy because we haven’t planned properly
  • Proper planning on the other hand ensures that you eat healthy
  • Plan for your meals well in advance
  • Carry out whatever preparation has to be made in time to avoid rush at the last moment

Grocery shopping

  • Don’t go grocery shopping empty stomach
  • Research has proven that you end up buying more when you shop empty stomach
  • Instead go for shopping with your belly full

Read the labels

  • Most of the times, the information we need is right there in front of us
  • Read the labels before you buy any food item
  • Try and consume food that is organic and healthy

Snack smart

  • When you’re travelling ensure that you snack smart
  • Also carry some snacks with you to avoid eating junk
  • Plan for this in advance

Stay active

  • Apart from the 30 minutes of daily exercise, it is also very important to stay active
  • Avoid sitting at one place for long hours
  • Make sure you move around and walk frequently throughout the day


  • Stress is a killer
  • Manage the stress in your life
  • Don’t take unnecessary stress in life
  • Stay happy, spend time with your family


  • Get good quality and quantity of sleep
  • It helps you recover
  • Getting good sleep is imperative for good health

Spend time in the sun

  • Spending time in the sun helps boost your mood
  • It also gets you the much needed vitamin D

Last meal of the day

  • Finish your last meal atleast 2-3 hours before you sleep
  • It helps enormously with the digestion of food
  • Eating food and sleeping immediately results in non digestion of food ad other health issues

Stay hydrated

  • Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Do this by simply having water
  • Or you can add other healthy drinks to your diet

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