July Weight Loss Challenge

Planning how to lose weight and stay fit in the rainy season. We have the july weight loss challenge with most effective tips for monsoon weight loss plan. Included in the weight loss plan are some important do’s and don’t’s for rainy season to lose weight and maintain good health. During rainy season, our bodies are more susceptible to diseases. Hence, making some key changes in our diet is very paramount. Let us look at some very important tips on what to eat and what to avoid during the monsoon season.

How to maintain weight or lose weight in the monsoon season ?

  • Monsoon season is the one season where chances of getting viral / bacterial and fungal infections is very high
  • Other diseases also increase many fold

Things to avoid in monsoons

  • Avoid fermented, germinated (sprouts) and raw food (veggies and fruits)
  • Avoid raw dairy or consume it in closely monitored conditions
  • Avoid food with high water content : they might cause swelling in the body
  • Avoid excessive oily or spicy food, this might cause inflammation in body
  • Seafood avoid be avoided or consumed with care
  • Leafy vegetables, greens ,  cabbage etc should be avoided

Food to include in your diet

  • Consume milk with spices like turmeric, nut meg, cinnamon etc
  • Include more bitter food in diet like neem, giloy, bitter gourd, methi seeds, turmeric etc
  • Include herbs and spices like ginger, basil, garlic, cinnamon (these support increased metabolism and immunity)
  • Increase consumption of vitamin C rich food like seasonal fruits like mango, peach, plum, jamun, pineapple etc

Other things to ponder over

  • Wash hands before making meals or eating
  • Take shower post workout
  • Make sure your hair are nicely dried or washed post workout
  • Keep yourself hydrated at all times : consume herbal drinks, tea, coffee and soups etc
  • Consume more protein more thermic effect
  • Eat a light meal at all times. Your digestive system needs the rest
  • Snack smart / snack right
  • Eat seeds, bhutta and chana for snacks
  • Reduce your salt intake from 2300 mg to 1800-1500 mg
  • Eat healthy fat in moderation
  • Reduce your consumption of white rice for some time

Best workout for monssons

  • Short interval workouts with increased intensity
  • You can divide your workout sessions into parts
  • Go for long walks
  • Excessive sweat, poor hygiene can caue skin issues and hairfall
  • Don’t be lazy, use caffeine, herbal tea, cocoa drink and soups
  • Consume lukewarm water post meals
  • Medidate when it’s raining, it relaxes the brain

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