Lazy Hacks to Lose Weight

There are days when you are very motivated to eat and drink healthy and complete your workout. But there are also days specially during this lockdown when we just don’t feel like doing anything at all. This article is all about hacks which may help to still be healthy and lose weight or at least help you maintain your current weight. These simply are habits which you can develop by doing them everyday and are simple enough so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Snacking Hacks

Store all refined and processed snacks at a place which is not easily accessible
Keep healthy snacks like nuts, fruits etc at an more accessible place
Have a dedicated place to eat. Whether your meals or snacks, only consume food at a designated place
This will help you control your snacking
Eat as per schedule

Use Smaller Plates

Your brain processes information looking at a fuller bowl / plate and tells you that you’ve eaten enough
Compared to a larger and half full plate / bowl where the brain just tells you to eat more
This leads to have lesser cravings and automatically reduces your portion size

Eat Slowly / Mindfully

Eat slowly. It helps you to chew the food better
You also eat lesser when you’re eating slowly
The brain takes 20 minutes to register the food that you’ve eaten
If in these 20 minutes, you end up eating too much, you’ll not know when to stop
The saliva inside your mouth has enzymes which help you digest the food. The longer you keep the food inside your mouth, chances are it’ll get digested faster
Reduce your cutlery size, smaller portion size reduces the speed of eating
You can also start keeping a watch while you eat initially to take longer time to consume your food
Don’t eat with any distraction. Distractions make you eat more and faster as your mind is distracted

Stay Hydrated

Keep consuming liquids to stay hydrated
Staying adequately hydrated makes sure that you don’t constantly crave for food
35 ml of fluid per kg of your body weight is what you need on a daily basis
Staying hydrated stops fatigue and keeps you in good shape

Meal Planning

Making a meal plan stops you from eating junk
Making new dishes is exciting, you would want to consume things in which you’ve put effort
The snacks will automatically take a back seat

Walk and Talk

You make a number of calls to your friends and family daily
Start walking when you are talking over the phone
This small hack will give you wonderful and surprising results

Intermittent Fasting

This is just a simple pattern to eating your food
Intermittent fasting is not a diet plan. It is sticking to a particular time when you consume food
This is one of the most powerful tools to lose weight


Sound sleep is essential for the body
It rejuvenates you, repairs your body cells
Your metabolism gets a boost and your anxiety levels go down
Get a goodnight’s sleep, it works like magic

Keep Fit to Fit In Your Clothes

The easiest way to check if you’ve gained weight is to try and fit in your clothes
Give yourself a challenge to fit in that beautiful old dress

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