Lose Belly Fat Permanently

How to lose belly fat permanently without a diet or intense workout!! Sounds great, right. Well to lose stomach fat we need more than just these two things. Let’s look to understand the science of relationship between your emotions and thought process about losing that unwanted fat. Let’s see how the entire process works.

Weight loss is not a solution but a process

  • Weight which is excess is suppose to help us survive and stay alive during difficult times
  • It’s a temporary preventive layeraround our organs protects us from toxins, contamination, shocks and stress etc
  • But when we ignore it, it starts to become an integral part of our system
  • We need to get our thoughts and emotions in the right place to start with weight loss
  • People with negative or poor emotions suffer more from joint pain, weak immunity, poor metabolism, skin disorders, hairfall and poor heart health.

It’s not always about your calorie count

  • Most of the diet / dietians only talk about calorie coming inside the body and calories going out of the body
  • It is not always this mathematical, your emotional health plays a pivotal role in your weight loss journey

Your digestion is influenced by your current emotions

  • Happiness, joy, satisfaction, calmness etc leads to good digestive health, proper absorption of nutrients and results in high immunity and full elimination of waste
  • Anger, violence, guilt, sadness, stress etc leads to indigestion, acidity, bloating and nutritional deficiency in the body
  • Lets us understand this entire chain
  • Emotions trigger feelings
  • Feelings trigger chemical reaction in the brain
  • Other chemical and hormones are released
  • These get into your bloodstream and reach the organs
  • This makes the organs work faster and better or make them slow or even shut them down

How is digestion influenced by your current emotions ?

  • When you feel positive, more digestive juices and enzymes are produced to digest the food properly
  • This leads to better absorption and utilisation of nutrients
  • This also leads to better clearance of waste from the body
  • Make sure that your emotions are positive when you are about to eat
  • Your metabolic rate is also highly influenced by your feelings and thoughts
  • Positive feelings boost fat burn and help improve metabolism

Belly brain

  • Your gut from food pipe to intestine has it’s own brain called ENS (enteric nervous system)
  • When we are in any deep emotional state, our belly reflects it with reactions in the stomach
  • In the state of positive emotions, the body doesn’t store extra energy as fat for future crisis but keeps the energy mode high with continuous supply of energy
  • We don’t feel lazy after eating but more energetic and refreshed
  • So, eat without distractions, if possible eat while you sit outside in the open
  • Do some relaxing exercises, specially immediately before and after eating
  • Show feelings of gratitude
  • Always perform positive affirmations
  • Make some free time to relax yourself
  • Maintaining balance between working hard and being stressed and being relaxed and having some fun is really important

Even the WHO says : Health is your mental, physical and social well being

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