Must Follow Rules of Intermittent Fasting

Are you feeling like you’re doing everything correctly in intermittent fasting and still not getting results. Well in that case you might be making some basic mistakes and not the following the guidelines which most people don’t talk about. Here are the simple things which you should do correctly to get most benefit out of intermittent fasting.

Moving too fast to achieve results

  • Don’t jump straight to a 16-8 window
  • Start slowly with 12-12 window and gradually work your way to 16-8 window
  • Even a 14-10 window for ladies is absolutely fine

Not including enough fibre in diet

  • You have to eat correct in your eating window
  • Eating junk and processed food in eating window will harm your body
  • Eat vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds and pulses & legumes

Avoid intense workout in fasting window

  • Intense workout in the fasting window is stressful for your body
  • Instead do your workout in the eating window
  • This will provide your body with sufficient energy to sustain the workout
  • Apart from the timing, avoid overtraining your body
  • Overtraining does as much harm to your body as not training
  • Give your body sufficient time to recoup

Not choosing the right window

  • This pertains to choosing when to open your eating and fasting window
  • Don’t stress about choosing the perfect window, instead choose a window which works for you

Number of meals and their portion size

  • If you’re having frequent meals, control your portion size
  • 6 small or 3 large meals, both work fine, however, make sure you keep the portion size in check

Not eating enough food

  • Starving yourself is not good
  • Your body calories, men about 2000 and women about 1600 in a day
  • If you’re body doesn’t get these calories, it can’t function properly

Intermittent fasting is not for everyone

  • If you’re less than 18 years or more than 70 years of age intermittent fasting is not for you
  • Even if you’re the right age, stick to intermittent fasting if it works for you
  • If you feel tired and fatigued all the time doing it, avoid intermittent fasting and eat normally

Stay hydrated

  • You can drink water in the fasting window
  • Don’t stay thirsty
  • Any health drink less than 20 calories can be consumed in the fasting window
  • However, avoid having wrong drinks in the fasting window

Too much tea / caffeine

  • Excess of everything is bad
  • Don’t take too much tea coffee through out the day

Healthy lifestyle

  • Intermittent fasting would be effective only if you follow a healthy lifestyle
  • Exercise regularly, eat healthy, reduce stress in your life, drink plenty of water

Overeating in eating window

  • You might feel hungry at the beginning of eating window
  • It shouldn’t mean that you overeat and stuff yourself with food

Not a quick fix

  • Intermittent fasting shouldn’t be considered as a quick fix
  • Instead, make it a part of lifestyle to gain better results
  • Don’t stress out and keep looking at the watch to open / close your eating window

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