Must Have Winter Food to Lose Weight, and Boost Immunity; Gondh vs Gondh Katira

Most often, people get confused between Gondh and Gondh Katira. There is an identifiable difference between both, and one out of these two is a must have winter food for weight loss and immunity.

When we make a cut in some trees, a liquid starts to flow. When this liquid solidifies it’s called Gum.
In India, edible gum is sourced primarily from Babool (keekar) which is a member of the acacia family.
Gondh are of many types depending upon which tree it comes from:

  1. Babool
  2. Neem Gond
  3. Moringa Gond
  4. Hing (is also a kind of Gond)
  5. Mango tree
  6. Tamarind
  7. Guar

Gondh Benefits are mostly as of the tree as it’s the by-product of the same tree or plant. Medicinal properties come from chemical composition, important compounds, and antioxidants which makes them very effective and useful.

  1. Neem tree Gondh is known for blood purification.
  2. Mango tree Gondh is known for skin disorder.
  3. Moringa tree Gondh is known for skin, hair, and immunity.

And so on.

Mostly these Gondh are used in Ayurvedic medicine.
Types of Gond which are mostly popular and used in Indian Houses:

  • Gondh
  • Gondh Katira

Guar Gum is mostly used for industrial purpose as thickening agent in sauces, dairy products, Ice-cream, soup, binding agents in some medication.

Difference between Gondh and Gondh Katira

ColorDark and shiny.Light and Dull.
When mixed with water(overnight)Dissolve in water.Thickens and forms a gel.
When to use (Seasonal use)Winters, due to moving properties.Summers, due to its cooling properties.
How to use?Ladoo, Panjiri, HalwaMixed in curd, milk, and shakes.

Yes, GONDH is the must have winter ingredient that supports of weight loss and boost immunity.


  1. Keeps you warm in winters.
  2. Helps boost metabolism, which tends to fall down in winters.
  3. Boost immunity, energy stamina and overall health.
  4. Good for digestive health as it’s high in fiber.
  5. Good for people with joint, muscle pain, and knee pain.
  6. Helps treat weakness and fertility issues.
  7. Highly beneficial for people with a weak nervous system, anxiety and depression.
  8. Very helpful for people with low vitamin D levels.
  9. Work wonders as a skin-care agent.
  10. Gondh is also excellent for people with lung-related issues.
  11. It is rich in calcium.
  12. It also helps in recovery of new mothers and in increasing breast milk production.
  13. Goat and camel milk are believed to be highly nutritious, and both these animals feed chiefly on Babool which gives out Gondh.”
  14. Recommended for older adults.
  15. Helps manage vata.
  16. Helps manage PMS symptoms.

But, despite all the health benefits, the point that always need to be kept in mind is that excess of anything is bad.

Consume in limit, if it is consumed in excess may cause:

  • Bloating
  • Indigestion
  • Nausea
  • Loose motion

How much Gondh should be consumed daily?

  • 1 tsp. Gondh
  • One Ladoo of fist size.

Do add this amazing and superb ingredient in your diet to experience beneficial results and load of nutrition.

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