I am sharing Naturally sweetened and vibrant carrot beetroot detox smoothie plus soothing ginger. High in beta-carotene, vitamin C, and essential minerals!


  • Beetroot-1
  • Carrot-2
  • Dates-3
  • Ginger-1 inch
  • Rock salt-1 pinch
  • pepper powder-1 pinch
  • Coconut milk:150ml (diluted in 80 ml water) OR Coconut water
  • Ice cubes-6-7


  • Steam Carrots beetroot ginger and dates for a while for better digestion.
  • Blend all the steamed ingredients along with rock salt, pepper powder coconut milk.
  • Finally add ice cubes and blend all the ingredients well and your tasty healthy delicious detox smoothy drink is ready.


Carrot beetroot detox smoothie is great for weight management

This wonderful drink helps in breaking down the toxins in the system easily

That helps to regulate digestion process smoother and faster

Drinking this amazing smoothie regularly might be beneficial for hair growth as it contains vital vitamins which are useful for hair growth.

Carrot beet smoothie is a heavenly combination of healthy and juicy beet, carrot and ginger. This recipe also uses refreshingly aromatic coconut milk, which makes it one of the best vegetable smoothies. However if you want to make it even lighter you can replace coconut milk with coconut Water.

Whether you are planning to make carrot and beet smoothie for its healthy detoxing benefits or just for thirst quencher nutrient rich drink, it’s surely going delight your taste buds.

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