Rujuta Diwekar’s Diet For One Week

I tried India’s leading nutrition and exercise science expert Rujuta Diwekar’s diet plan for a week. It was quite a change to shift from intermittent fasting to eating for 12-13 hours a day. I’ve shared one week meal / diet plan which I followed during this time to lose weight.

Rujuta’s 4 principles of eating right

  • Never wake up to tea / coffee
    • Eat something within 10-30 minutes of waking up, preferably a fruit
  • Eat something every two hours
  • Eat more when you are active and eat lesser when you’re less active
  • Finish your last meal atleast 2 hours prior to sleeping

What I ate in a day following this diet

  • 0530 hours : wake up with 1-2 glasses of warm water
  • 0600 hours : fruits with homemade almond butter or soaked nuts and raisins
  • 0730 hours : brerakfast, high protein moong dal chilla (made on iron pan)
  • I added Oziva Organic Plant Protein in the chilla
    • Oziva organic plant protein is India’s 1st organic plant protein
    • It is a blend of organic pea protein with organic brown rice protein and organic quinoa
    • As it is plant based, it is suitable for diabetic, lactose intolerant vegan and vegetarians
  • 0945 to 1000 hours : 1st mid meal snack
  • 1215 to 1230 hours : lunch, millet roti with saag, curd and jaggery
  • 1445 hours : 2nd mid meal snack, mixed roasted seeds
  • 1645 hours : 3rd mid meal snack, homemade ladoo
  • 1900 hours : dinner, tofu and mix veg platter
  • 1930 hours : bedtime drink, turmeric milk

Diet / meal plan for the entire week

 1st meal 0600 hrBreakfast 0730 hrMidmeal 1 0945 hrLunch 1215 hrMidmeal 2 1445 hrMidmeal 3 1645 hrDinner 1900 hr
Mon1 apple with almond butter2 high protein chillaOrange with herbal teaMakki roti with saag and raitaHandful of mixed roasted seedsHomemade ladooTofu and mix veg platter
Tue6 soaked almonds with raisins1 cup mix veg pohaOrange with herbal teaRagi roti with sabzi and buttermilkHandful of mixed roasted seedsRoasted chanaMix veg daliya and moong dal khichadi
WedApple with almond butterOatmeal with veggiesOrange with herbal teaQuinoa rice mix veg pulaoHandful of mixed roasted seedsPhool makhana (1/2 cup)Paneer and mix veg platter
Thru6 soaked almonds with raisinsHigh protein moong toastOrange with herbal teaBajra roti with saag and buttermilkHandful of mixed roasted seedsRoasted chana (handful)Thick dal soup with grilled veggies
FriApple with almond butterMix veg sabudana khichadiHandful of mixed seedsDal with sabzi, roti and curdOrange and herbal teaHomemade ladoo (small)Quinoa mix veg khichadi
Sat6 soaked almonds with raisinsOatmeal high protein smoothieHandful of mixed seedsRagi roti with sabzi and curdOrange and herbal teaHomemade ladoo (small)Tofu mushroom burji with mix grilled veggies
SunApple with almond butterIdli with sambhar and chutneyHandful of mixed seedsRajma with rice, curd and saladOrange and herbal teaHomemade ladoo (small)Lobia sabzi with 1 roti and salad

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  1. Hi I have been following your you tube channel. Wondering do you work with individuals? Me and my husband need a dietician we are in mid 50’s and wish to work towards good health.

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