How To Avoid Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

We’ve all some time or the other wondered why are we not losing weight despite puttng in all the effort and hard work. Let’s look at what might be the reason for it and what can you do to successfully achieve your goals. Losing weight is a tricky tasks which involves a lot of struggle. However by avoiding these common mistakes, you can continue to achieve your weight loss goals successfully.

Don’t try to lose weight out of fear

  • Sometimes even the weight loss and fitness industry is also reponsible for this
  • Casting fear in people about weight is not the right way to make someone lose it
  • Long term behavioural change can’t be based on fear, threat and warnings
  • Threats can not induce long term believe to act favourably
  • A number of reasearches have been carried out which have shown that fear and warnings have a very limited impact on behaviour
  • Positivity on the other hand works like magic
  • Trying to lose weight not out of fear but because of positive reasons will make you lose weight faster and in a more sustained manner

How to overcome this mistake ?

  • Attach your weight loss goals to your core values
    • We all have our reasons to lose weight
    • Staying fit in general is the biggest motivation which all of us should have
    • Your core values are things to which you give importance and top priority in your life
    • Things which make you happy, proud, satisfied and fulfilled
  • Never consider weight loss as a project
    • Trying to lose weight for a event or occasion generally means that after that event we stop making the effort to lose weight
    • If you take weight loss as a project, it will never be sustainable
    • Make weight loss a lifestyle thing
    • Focus on improving permanent lifestyle with healthy habits and positive behaviour
  • Don’t be in a hurry
    • Weight loss done in a jiffy is always short lived
    • Trying to lose lose weight quickly would mean that you take extreme measures to do it
    • These measures can’t be continued with in the long run
    • Take your weight loss journey slow and enjoy the small results
    • Take pleasure in losing that extra weight
    • Feel proud to be in your correct weight and shape
  • Healthy lifestyle is a lifelong process
    • Taking steps to lose weight and stopping once you’ve achieved it will result in you gaining that weight right back
    • Inculcate healthy habits in your life
    • Work out, go for walks specially after meals
    • Don’t feel burdened about losing weight rather enjoy the journey

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