Soy Chunks Healthy or Not For Extreme Weight Loss ?

Soy chunks are one of the underrated vegetarian protein sources available in the market. It is gaining hype in today’s world, especially for the youth building muscle mass and staying on natural diets. It is counted as one of the greatest source of protein that you can add to your diet.
Are Soy Chunks / Nuggets Healthy or Useless?
Or What benefits and Nutrients it provides?
What is that you need to know about “Soya Chunks”?
Soya chunks have a fair amount of protein content and negligible amount of fat.
They’re also liked by people specially vegetarians for their meat like texture and feel.

How are they made?

Soy Chunk is the Residue or by product of Soybean Oil.
They are made from de- fatted soy flour; hence they are mostly fat free.

  • Soybeans are de hulled.
  • Dehulled soybean are then boiled/ steamed.
  • Steam rollers are used to separate oil molecules.
  • Once liquid is extracted, the leftover fiber comes out in large chunks.
  • More oil is extracted through a chemical process.
  • You get Defatted soy flour, which is kneaded in machine to make small balls.
  • In many foreign countries, it is used to feed animals.
  • It’s a by-product of soy.
  • It was made popular by marketing & publicity.

Soy chunks come in their dehydrated form; and hence they double their volume quickly.
The texture of soya chunks becomes soft, fibrous, and spongy once you soak it in warm / hot water.
Soy chunks didn’t receive a warm welcome by Indians initially, but soon became popular when used as a common ingredient in North Indian weddings & other events, the product’s success was inevitable.

Soy Chunks Nutritional Facts

Soy chunks provide lean protein.
Soya chunks have a considerable amount of calcium in them.
More minor traces of iron, vitamin A and vitamin C are also part of the nutrient list. However, their presence is trivial.

Nutrients 1 Cup Soy Chunk (45 gm) (Serves 3-4 people)1 Cup Tofu/ Soy Paneer (225 gm) (Serves 3-4 People)1 Cup Boiled Soy Beans (Serves 1-2)
Calories155 Kcal320 Kcal300 Kcal
Carbhydrates16 gm7 gm18 gm
Protein22 gm38 gm32 gm
Fat14 gm15 gm
Protein (per serving)7-8 gm12-14 gm15-16 gm

Some Benefits of Soya Chunks

  • Act as meat substitute for vegetarians
  • Helps in hormonal Balance in female
  • Aids weight loss. It promotes weight loss by providing lean protein which helps in building of muscle mass and losing fat.
  • May Improve gut health. It helps in improving gut health by being a prebiotic, which helps in the stay and activity of probiotics.
  • Help regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Very economical source of good quality protein.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Helps in decreasing bad cholesterol.
  • Many other benefits to female.
  • Healthy and safe for meals if consumed in moderation.

Some down sides!

  • Soy controversy: Soya beans have Isoflavonoids which are phytoestrogens that can mimic female hormone estrogen in human body. Therefore, only 15-20g soy protein is safe to consume on daily basis by both male or female.
  • Soy is the most popular GMO (Genetically Modified Crop) in the USA. Buy organic GMO-free soybeans and its products.

How to consume Soy Beans?

  • Make Sabzi or curry.
  • Add to rice or millet preparation.
  • Add to dough, make cutlets or another snack.

That is what you need to know about “Soya Chunks”!

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