10 Super Easy Ways to Guarantee Belly Fat Loss. No Dieting, No Gymming.

We often underestimate the power of the difference we can add to our lives, even after adopting many small changes. It is not always necessary to go for big things, sometimes very simple and easy to do things can make a major difference.

  • Stacking Small Healthy Habits. As they say drops of water makes the ocean, similarly stacking/collecting/practicing small habits regularly changes and transforms your body majorly. Small habits such as chewing slowly, eating mindfully, eating without distractions, Having dinner early, etc. When all of these small changes are stacked up together, they help a lot towards the journey of weight loss.

  • Brush your teeth after eating Main Meals. Brushing your teeth after the main meals especially breakfast and lunch, not only maintains your dental health, but along with that, also helps you prevent binge eating, as we avoid eating immediately after brushing.
  • Walking before meal. It’s good to eat on time, but there are times when we are feeling sluggish, bored, and fatigue when you sit to eat.
    When you walk before meal, your blood circulation goes up, making your hormones active, and will also active your nervous system. This results helps in reaching the calories to your system fast and your mind will register the food early.
  • Get most of your calories before 3 Pm around 70-80%. It is scientifically said and proven that the digestion, absorption, and metabolism of the body is higher in this time period as compared to the other hours of the day. Consuming healthy and nutritious meals in this time period aids digestion and is good for weight loss too.
  • Minimum 12 hours of fasting. We eat to live, and not live to eat! A very sarcastic phrase, but says well. It is not necessary that you eat all day long. Giving your organs a break is as important as eating. So it is advised to not eat for at least 12 hours, and consuming food in the other 12 hours.
  • Hydration is must. Water is the solution for almost 99% problems on this planet. Keeping your body hydrated serves you innumerable benefits ranging from strengthening joints, easing digestion, relieving constipation, enhancing skin and hair, to weight loss as well. It also helps you stay free from stress which is a major contributing factor in the process of weight loss.
  • Get full length mirror. Getting a full length mirror helps you in remaining conscious about how you sit, stand and look. It acts as a constant reminder which tells you, where you are lacking at and motivates you to act accordingly.
  • Five min activity for 2 hour non activity or desk job. Mobility is extremely important in today’s modern and sedentary lifestyle pattern. Make sure you move your body more frequently. As inactivity for longer durations leads to shortness of oxygen supply which contributes towards laziness. Doing activities in frequent intervals such as walking, and stretching, not only helps you feel energetic, keep your body active, but also increases the NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis).
  • Activity before screen time. Digital detox is something you need to do more frequently. Go for a small 15 min walk, meditate, read personal development book or listen to podcast once you wake up or while going to bed. This Creates self awareness, mindfulness and is a better way out to avoid screen time.
  • Ditch the Condiments. While we consume a healthy meal, we unintentionally load them with calories by making very silly mistakes such as adding store bought condiments such as mayonnaise or tomato ketchup to it. Avoid making these mistakes as they hinder your journey by adding more calories than you think into your healthy and well balanced meals.

So these are very simple and easy to follow steps that you can start applicating in your lives the very same day you read. Make small changes, they matter!

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