“हेल्थी फूड्स” जो है आपके लिए हानिकारक”; Never Eat These “Healthy” Foods To Lose Weight & Balance Hormones.

Not everything available in the market named "Healthy" is truly healthy! Awareness and general knowledge about what we buy and eat is equally important as eating healthy balanced meal, or exercising in order to either lose weight or balance hormones.Market strategists and advertisers owns techniques in order to befool customers, therefore, it is very important

Soy Chunks Healthy or Not For Extreme Weight Loss ?

Soy chunks are one of the underrated vegetarian protein sources available in the market. It is gaining hype in today's world, especially for the youth building muscle mass and staying on natural diets. It is counted as one of the greatest source of protein that you can add to your diet.But,Are Soy Chunks / Nuggets

All About Sabudana; Is it Good for Weight Loss?

Sabudana, a very popularly known ingredient in North Indian households is mostly consumed in breakfast or during Navratri fasting. The most popular dish prepared from sabudana is “Sabudana Khichdi”. Others include sago kheer, sabudana tikki, pancakes, papad, thalipeeth, dosa, vada & porridge.So, does Sabudana contributes in weight loss?Does it provide any nutrition or health benefits?How