“Plant-Powered Calcium: 5 Vegan Foods to Keep Your Bones Strong”

When it comes to maintaining strong bones and overall bone health, calcium is a nutrient that often takes center stage. While dairy products are traditionally associated with being a rich source of calcium, those following a vegan lifestyle can also meet their calcium needs through a variety of plant-based foods. In fact, many plant-based options

“1 चुटकी चुना” for Daily Calcium Need! Healthy or Harmful?

“One pinch Chuna can cure multiple disease” Is it True?Chuna is said to beat calcium deficiency, is it true?In India Chuna is avidly consumed in Paan (betel leaf).For basics, let’s know what Chuna exactly is?Chuna or Limestone is a type of sedimentary rock which is mostly found in coastal areas near the seashore.It is mostly