Best Indian Daily Routine for Quick Weight Loss as per Ayurveda.

Daily routine or Din Charya means our daily behavior and response in a day. As per ayurveda the best routine is the routine that is in sync with the circadian Rhythm.
Circadian rhythms are 24-hour cycles in physical, mental, and behavioral changes.
Within our brain or hypothalamus, we have our biological clock that must match with the chronological clock to have a productive and healthy day.
As per ayurveda each time or hour in a day is dominated by a dosha, and by the higher activity of an organ.
If we eat and work as per that we can get best result, stay fit, lose weight, have a flat belly, live a peaceful and calm life.

Time What is happening?Most active organ.What should we be doing?
3-5 amLowest body temperature with calm body & mind.Liver.1. Detox lungs
2. Sharpen memory
3. Cleansing of brain & mouth.
4. Prayer, show gratitude, and do oil pulling.
5-7 amSharpest rise in blood pressure.
(High cortisol, melatonin production stops)
Time for Bowel movement.
Lungs & large intestine.1. Do Deep breathing.
2. Meditate.
3. Drink warm water.
4.Empty Bowl.

Light snack before workout.
7-9 amHigh testosterone levels.

Spleen & Stomach.1. High Lymphatic system activity.
2. Filter blood.
3. Detox old cells.

Oil Massage.
Have Breakfast post meal.
High Alertness.Heart / fire / energy.1. Do work that requires alertness & focus.
2. Small snack.
Best coordination.Small intestine
(sorting & absorption of food), Energy starts to drop.
1. Have meeting.
2. Finish lunch.
3. Relax post lunch.
Good reaction time.Bladder
(Liquid waste extraction work).
1. Do Work that
2. require some thinking.
3. Do Planning.
4. Have a snack.
5-6:30 pmHigher muscle strength.Kidney
(Storing of nutrition).
1. Evening workout.
2. Some strength training.
High blood pressure.Pericardium.1. Dinner Time.
2. Winding up the day.
7:30-8:30pmHighest body temperature.Gallbladder.1. Time for self-love
2. Lite foot massage.
3. Family connection.
4. Love making.
5. Reading.
9-10:30 pmMelatonin starts secreting.Liver (time for recovery).1. Sleep

Try to adopt these habits into your lifestyle and note the difference. Also, I would like to suggest you a Book “Everyday Ayurveda” by Dr Bhaswati Bhattacharya (Available in both languages: English and Hindi), if you want to dig deep into this field or any case if you are interested to know more about this field.

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