February Weight Loss Challenge; 21 Days Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan.

Food Fitness and Fun brought you by an amazing 21 days weight loss diet plan aimed for the month of february as a challenge for you people.

No matter if you could not accept it before, it’s never too late to start a good thing.

This is a very simple and easy to follow plan, and if accompained by physical activity, good sleep, and good mental health, it can yield you amazing results.

So what are you waiting for?

Highlights of the February Plan

  1. Liquid detox diet once a week.
  2. Intermittent fasting ( Time restricted method with 13:11 window).
  3. Vegetable Serving with every meal ( 1 Cup Semi Cooked).
  4. Daily Weight Loss Morning drink.
  5. Daily Bedtime drink
  6. Fixed daily Eating schedule/ Routine to be Followed.
  7. Caffeine restriction 1 Cup only.
  8. Quantity or Portion Size is a must.

Morning : 8 am

1 Glass of weight loss morning drink shall be consumed first thing in the morning.


1500 calories diet plan for women is advisable.

2000 calories diet plan for men is advisable.

If we talk about the serving size, 1 cup refers to 250 ml approximately, and 1 bowl refers to 350 ml approximately.

Here is the diet plan for week 1, make sure to start your lunch and dinner with 1 cup vegetables (steamed/grilled/sauted).

(1:30 pm)

(7-7:30 pm)
Monday1 vegetable moong dal and sooji cheela1 multigrain roti + methi carrot sabzi + curd1.5 cup palak lentil soup + steamed veggies
Tuesday (liquid diet)400 ml apple + moringa + dates + coconut milk smoothie1 bowl pumpkin carrot tomato soup1 bowl green soup
Wednesday1/2 cup vegetable poha + peanut/eggs1 bowl sprout salad+ vegetables1 cup tomato vegetable soup + grilled vegetables + 60 gm paneer
Thursday400 ml green oats smoothie1.5 cup chana dal + 3/4 cup rice/ 2 roti + curdSoy/paneer/chicken/egg roti + vegetables
Friday1 ragi vegetable cheela stuffed with tofu1 bowl sprouts salad + vegetables1 cup tomato vegetable soup + grilled vegetable + 60 gm pan
Saturday1 multigrain parantha1 bowl vegetable paneer biryani1 makki roti + saag
Sunday1 egg toast (2 eggs) / paneer toastTREAT MEAL1 bowl paneer daliya soup


(7-7:30 pm)
Monday1 oats cheela with paneer/egg stuffing1 bowl sprout moong dal salad/ moong dal + rice + curd1 cup soup + multigrain khichdi
Tuesday (liquid diet)300 ml orange + pomegranate juiceMix vegetable soup1 bowl detox green soup
Wednesday1/2 cup vegetable upma + scrambled tofu/ egg/ paneer1 cup soya chaap/ curry/ chicken curry + 2 roti + light vegetable1 bowl egg white/tofu vegetable salad (marinated tofu salad)
Thursday1 besan oats cheela (paneer, moong dal/egg stuffing)1 cup palak chana dal + rice/ roti + curd1 bowl millet soup + vegetables+ grilled tofu
Friday400 ml apple oats smoothie (plant milk/water)2 makki/ bajra roti + saag + jaggeryPaneer/ egg/ chicken roll + chutney
Saturday2 idli + sambhar + peanut chutneyRajmah + rice/roti + curdPalak paneer + 1 roti
Sunday1 stuffed missi parathaTREAT MEALMoong dal khichdi + vegetable


If we talk about the mid-morning snack, here are two very readily accessible options for you:

  1. Option 1- 1 seasonal fruit + peaut butter/ chia seeds.
  2. Option 2- Hummus + raw vegetables.


Some of the options for evening snack include turmeric milk + homemade pinni/ panjiri/ energy bars/ phool makhana/ mumura/ any other puffed grain.

Another option could be consuming milk tea/green tea/ coffee. But make sure to consume caffeine once a day only.


1 glass of bed time weight loss drink shall be consumed before going to bed.

Follow this plan with utmost dedication and consistency to see maximum results.

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