Food You Should Avoid Eating

There are certain food which we confuse to be healthy, however these can be really bad for your health. Avoiding these food is very important as some the experts may also advice you consuming these food. Different body types demand and require different food, it is thus imperative to know what food suits you and what doesn’t. Let’s look at what these food are.


  • There are reasons why we started eating multigrain
    • To mix heavy grain (like millets) with light grain like rice to make digestion easy
    • To get a complete source of protein by combining grains with pulses
  • Combining the wrong grains like too many millets or seeds can cause indigestion and heaviness in the stomach
  • The word multigrain has become very commercial and people are using it to move up sales and not necessary to promote good health
  • Make sure you make multigrain flour at home in small batches

Low fat or fat free food

  • Low fat dairy products, snacks etc are mostly low on nutrients as well
  • These are high on additives which are added to make the food taste better
  • It is thus very important that this food be eaten in moderation
  • This is highly recommended even for weight loss and good health

Sugar free (artificial sweeteners)

  • It is better for health to include natural sweeteners instead of artificial sweeteners
  • Eating natural sweetners controlling portion will not make you gain weight
  • Artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes are chemicals added to food and beverages to make the food taste better
  • These make the food sweet at the cost of almost zero calories
  • Artificial sweeteners may also cause headache or depression
  • Some people however might be more sensitive to these effects than the others
  • Artificial sweeteners also tend to disrupt  the balance of gut bacteria in some people
  • This in turn tends to increase the risk of diseases

Eating just egg whites

  • Egg whites are no doubt low in calories and high in protein
  • But they are also low on vitamins and minerals
  • Eggs also contain a fair amount of vitamin A, D and E as well as folate
  • Eggs are also a good source of selenium, calcium, iodine and phosphorus
  • Most of the vitamins in eggs are found in the yolk

Drinking a smoothie a day

  • These are healthy but are still processed and not whole
  • Smoothies are not always low in calories
  • Make sure that you limit the consumption of once or maximum twice a week
  • Ensure that you’re updated and educated about various food combinations which can be harmful for your body
  • Gluten free food isn’t  meant for everyone
  • Make sure you include food from all food groups and not consume just salads

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