Healthiest Vegetable Snack For Weight Loss

Sweet potato is one of the most wonderful, healthy, easily accessible, highly nutritious and delicious vegetable.
It is the best post & pre-workout snack. It is highly nutritious and you can enjoy it guilt free as snack anytime. It is basically a root vegetable and is enriched with amazing nutrient profile along with multiple health benefits
Sweet potatoes / Shakarkandi are rich in an antioxidant called beta carotene, which is very effective at raising blood levels of vitamin A, particularly in children and adults.
They are highly nutritious, high in fiber, very filling, and delicious, all at the same time.
They can be eaten in various forms including boiled, baked, steamed, or fried.
Sweet potato is a delicious vegetable with high nutritional value as it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, dietary fiber and is an excellent source of carbohydrates.
Sweet Potato is found in many colors, such as white, orange, red, pink, violet, yellow, and purple.

Nutritional Information

Nutrition facts for 100 grams of raw sweet potatoes are:

Calories86 Kcal
Protein2 gm
Carbohydrates20.1 gm
Fiber3.3 gm
Fat0.1 gm

It is also high in many Micronutrients including:

  • Pro-vitamin A. Rich in beta carotene, which your body can convert into Vitamin A. Just 100g provides the recommended daily amount of this vitamin.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Potassium.
  • Manganese.
  • Vitamin B6.
  • Vitamin B5.
  • Vitamin E. This powerful fat-soluble antioxidant may help protect your body against oxidative damage.
  • B vitamins
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus
  • Thiamine
  • Zinc

Health Benefits of Sweet Potato

  • Prevention of vitamin a deficiency.
  • Improved blood sugar regulation.
  • Eases better digestion and gut health.
  • Sweet potato protects vision.
  • Supports healthy blood pressure level.
  • Sweet potato aids weight loss.
  • Protects against inflammation.
  • Help boosts immunity.
  • Good for your skin.
  • Enhances memory power.
  • Sweet potato is good for hair health.
  • Supports cardiovascular health.

Sweet Potato may help support WEIGHT LOSS

About 12% of the starch in sweet potatoes is resistant starch, a filling, fiber-like substance that your body doesn’t digest and absorb.
One study found that replacing just 5.4% of total carbohydrate intake with resistant starch resulted in a 20 to 30% increase in fat burning after a meal.
Resistant starch also prompts the body to pump out more satiety-inducing hormones.

Potential downsides of consuming Sweet Potato:

  • Use healthy method of cooking such as steaming, baking or roasting over deep frying. Or unless it will promote weight gain.
  • Sweet potatoes are well tolerated in most people. However, they are considered fairly high in substances called oxalates, which may increase your risk of kidney stone. Individuals who are prone to getting kidney stones may want to limit their sweet potato intake.

Sweet potatoes are likely healthier than regular potatoes. They have a lower Glycemic Index, more fiber, and large amounts of beta carotene.

Here’s a nutrient comparison of (100 grams) of white and sweet potato with skin, respectively

Nutrient Composition (White Potato vs Sweet Potato)

Calories92 Kcal86 Kcal
Protein2 gm2 gm
Fat0.15 gm0.15 gm
Carbohydrates21 gm20 gm
Fiber2.1 gm3.3 gm
Vitamin A0.1% of DV107% of DV
Vitamin B6125 of DV17% of DV
Vitamin C14% of DV22% of DV
Potassium17% of DV10% of DV
Calcium1% of DV3% of DV
Magnesium6% of DV6% of DV

Properties of Sweet Potato according to Ayurveda

  • Snigdha or Oily properties.
  • Ropan or healing properties.
  • Guru or heavy properties.
  • Koushana (not too hot, not too cold) properties.
  • Vajikarana or aphrodisiac properties.
  • Balya or tonic properties.
  • Vata balancing properties.

This was all you need to know about “SWEET POTATO”, add this amazingly healthy vegetable snack in your diet to obtain maximum benefits.

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