How to Lose Weight Post 25

Our bodies reach their peak state by mid 20s. Post 25 yrs of age, the body starts to decline and de-generate. Every year from the time we turn 25, the human body gains an extra 1-3 kilos of fat. Apart from this, our choronological and biological age differ. Our biological age might be 40, but depending on how active we are, the biological age may only be 25. The reverse ofcourse is also true. You can reverse the process of ageing by being physically active in the right way. Let us look at the reasons and the remedies for this de-generation which leads to unwanted weight gain

Loss of Muscle Mass

  • Our muscles play a very important role in fat burning and weight loss
  • After reaching 30s, we lose 5-8 % of muscle mass every year
  • Loss of 4 kilos of muscle mass means our body will burn 250 less calories per day
  • Just with that muscle on, you could lose 1 kg fat in two weeks

What can we do to reverse the process of muscle loss

  • Start using your muscles
  • Mix your workout with adequate strength training along with cardio
  • Include other form of workout like yoga, resistance training etc in your regime

Eating More Protein

  • Make sure you eat adequate amount of protein
  • This protein should be consumed not in synthetic but in natural form
  • Consuming protein in synthetic form will cause disruptions in your body

Lack of Physical Activity

  • Exercising is different from physical activity
  • After 25, our physical activity decreases and we spend more time sitiing
  • Ensure you get out and get adequate exercise for your body

Hormonal Imbalance

  • The hormonal imbalance in our bodies post 30s is natural
  • This imbalance leads to weight gain
  • This imbalance might be natural but it doesn’t mean it has to be mandatory
  • Strength training, yoga and healthy diet will help you lose weight instead of gaining it

Your Relationship with Food

  • Back in day, people had a healthy relationship with food
  • The reasons for this were less availability of processed and junk food
  • We ate out of hunger and this eating was mostly healthy
  • Right now, we’re litrally spoiling our kid’s relationship with food
  • Main reason for this is rewarding kids with unhealthy food when happy or sad
  • Less outdoor activity coupled with more processed food is leading to increased weight gain amongst us
  • Avoid emotional eating, control the type of food you consume


  • One of the very important reasons of weight gain is the lack of sleep and stress
  • Lack of sleep leads to slow metabolism, fat gain and hormonal imbalance in the body
  • Stay mindful through out the day
  • Let your brain relax and exercise it in positive ways
  • Do breathing exercises

Get Organised

  • Fix a timetable and stick to it
  • Set aside time for all activites in the day
  • Being unorganised adds to the mental weight in the body

Get more Vitamin D

  • Get more vitamin D from the sun
  • Step out and play games or indulge yourself in positive activites

Start Fasting

  • Giving a break to your digestive system is good
  • It makes your gut function better
  • But make sure you don’t starve yourself

Stay Happy

  • Be around positive people
  • Stay happy, do things which you like doing
  • Don’t take your family for granted, spend quality time with them

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