June Weight Loss Diet Plan

Here is the two weeks weight loss diet plan which has 1200-1300 calories for the June weight loss challenge. This diet plan consists of nutritional tips as well. This diet plan contains all major food groups as it’s integral part, it is simple, highly balanced and easy to follow.

Highlights of this diet plan

  • Includes 1-2 serving of vegetables
  • These vegetables are included in 2 meals in a day
  • It includes water fasting / liquid fasting / simple fasting once a month
  • Intermittent fasting needs to be diligently followed (14 : 10)
  • Detox water and other drinks are included for hydration
  • Herbal detox tea, mango peel tea and moringa lemon zest tea all form part of this diet plan
  • Recipe for all these teas is available on this website
  • We’ve made an effort to include more vitamin C in diet (lemons, tomatoes and citrus fruits)
  • Include sprouts in your diet (try and consume them 3-4 times in a week)

Some important tips

  • Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water
  • For morning drink, include the following
    • Methi seeds water
    • Super  green juice
  • Mornings
    • A serving of veggies is a must
    • Include any seasonal fruit as the morning snack
  • Post lunch
    • Include a herbal tea (lemon peel / mango peel)
  • Evening snack
    • Chana
    • Phool makhana
    • Homemade energy bars or ladoos
  • Bedtime drink
    • Herbal tea (with green tea leaves)
    • Camomile tea
  • Apart from eating healthy, regular exercising is a must to lose weight
  • Support your weight loss by following the steps we discussed in the june weight loss challenge
First WeekBreakfastLunchDinner
MonOats chilla with paneer and veggiesSteamed sprouts veggiesJau with tomato soup and veggies
Tue1/2 cup poha with sprouts and veggiesKala chana roti with salad and curdMix veg dalia
WedWater fastingWater fastingWater fasting
ThursOvernight mango oatsDal with roti / rice and sald with curdRagi roti / chilla with veggies and paneer bhurji
FriMoong dal chilla with veggiesJau roti with dal, sabzi and curdLauki sabzi with roti and veggies
SatRagi malt smoothieChole with rice, salad and raitaMultigrain mix veg khichadi
SunPaneer toastLove mealMix veg lentil soup
Second WeekBreakfastLunchDinner
MonBesan chilla with tomato chutney and veggiesChana lauki sabzi with roti and curdGrilled paneer with veggies
TueOats upma with sprouts and veggiesRagi roti with sabzi, curd and saladQniuoa salad and veggies
WedWater fastingWater fastingWater fasting
ThursChia mango smoothieDal with roti / rice and sald with curdPaneer vegetable roll with side veggies
FriIdli with sambhar, chutney and veggiesMix veg boiled chana salad with lemon dressingSabzi with jau roti and veggies on the side
Sat1.5 cups papayaRajma rice with salad and raitaVegetable stew
SunStuffed parantha with veggiesLove mealMix veg lentil soup

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