My Healthy Evening And Night Routine

When you’re trying to lose weight or live a healthy life in general, it is important that we get a good and early start to our day. To have a early start day to the day, you need to wind up early and hit the bed on time the night before. What we tend to miss out on is our night rutine altough we make an effort to have a fixed morning routine. Planning a relaxing and yet productive routine for the evening and night time is imperative to sleep your way to a slimmer you. Infact, all the hardwork you do at the gym can go in vain if you have a good sleep routine to get good sound quality sleep.

Winding up work

  • To make sure you have sufficient time to carry out thing in a particular way, it is important to wind up your work early
  • Set limits and boundaries to wind up your work
  • Avoid stretching your work beyond your pre set time
  • I like to wind up my work by 1730 hours
  • This early winding up of work is important for me if I want to hit the bed early
  • Before I wind up my work, I make a to do list for the next morning

Snack time

  • Immediately after I wind up work, I reach out for a snack
  • This is roughly about 1730 hours
  • These days, it’s either a goond ladoo or 1/2 cup panjiri

Evening walk

  • The evening snack is followed by a brisk evening walk
  • This evenig is for about 30 minutes
  • This is an important activity for me as it helps me detach from my work and makes me feel fresh

Dinner preparation

  • Post the evening walk, I start with my dinner preparation
  • This is roughly around 1810 in the evening
  • While preparing my dinner, I carry out any recipes shooting videos if it’s due at this point in time

Evening or bedtime drink

  • After finishing my dinner preparations, I consume my evening drink
  • This is generally very soothing as it is consumed close to dinner time
  • For today, the evening drink was high protein spiced milk
  • I prepare a glass of high protein spiced herbal milk that helps build my immunity during the winter season
  • Ingredients
  • 1 glass milk
  • Pinch of cinnamon powder
  • Pinch of nutmeg
  • Black pepper
  • Dry ginger powder
  • 1/2 tsp shatavari powder
  • 1 scoop protinex choclate (35 grams)
  • Instructions
  • Place one cup milk on heat
  • Start adding some spices and herbs to my milk
  • Reduce the milk a little by simmering it
  • After transferring the milk in a mug, add 1 scoop or 35 grams protinex and mix it well
  • I enjoy this drink sitting in my balcony reading my favourite books

Protinex Choclate With Zero Added Sugar

  • Protinex tasty choclate with zero added sugar has an enhanced taste
  • It is clinically proven to provide 34 % higher immuno boosters that help build immunity
  • Recommended dosage : 1 serving or 35 grams a day
  • It has zero trans fats and contains high protein with 10 immuno nutrients making it an excellent addition to your diet
  • Apart from this, it also contains vitamins A, C, E along with copper and zinc for supporting your immune system
  • It contains vitamins B 1 and B 2 to help you in metabolism and vitamin D for srtonger bones

Dedicated family time

  • I make a effort to spend quality time with my family
  • The fact that I live in a joint family makes it easier for me to have deicated family time in the evening


  • My dinner is usually at 1930 hours
  • Today dinner was bajra khichadi

Bedtime routine

  • I start with my bed time routine at around 2030 hours
  • This routine has a bed time skin and hair care routine of 15 minutes
  • This is followed by reading a book and meditation for 10 minutes before I snooze off to sleep

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