Palak Poha Crunchy Tikki

No matter what the season, creativity has a space always! We recreated one of the most loved snacks of all time “Tikkis” as per the season.
This tikki is jam-packed with the goodness of the most prominent seasonal veggie: Palak(spinach), breakfast’s favorite ingredient: Poha, fiber in the form of potato, spinach and corns, protein and essential micronutrients from the sprouted moong dal, and much more.
It can be served as an incredibly nutritious and tempting breakfast or even as snacks with a warm cup of tea.

Health Benefits

  • Aids in weight loss and management.
  • Eases digestion.
  • Helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.
  • Keeps you energized for a longer period of time.
  • Aids in good bone health.
  • Helps in reducing hypertension.
  • Keeps your body relaxed.


Rinsed Poha2 cups
Boiled potato2
Rice flour/ Oats flour2 tbsp.
Sprouted moong dal1/2 cup
Spinach (Palak)2 cups
SaltTo taste.
TurmericTo taste.
Coriander powderTo taste.
Chili powderTo taste.
Amchur powderTo taste.
Garam MasalaTo taste.
Oil (For shallow frying)As required.


  • In a bowl, mash the rinsed poha with the help of the hands.
  • Grate the boiled potato, and add corns to the bowl.
  • Now roughly chop the spinach and add it to the bowl as well.
  • Mix everything well with the help of hands.
  • To it, add all the spices as per taste.
  • Now add rice or oats flour to the bowl.
  • Meanwhile grind the sprouted moong dal into a paste, and them to the bowl too.
  • Mix everything well.
  • Divide the mixture into small portions and start rolling them in the shape of tikkis.
  • Now it’s the time to shallow fry the tikkis.
  • Make sure they are cooked evenly on both the sides.
  • Once they are golden brown and crisp, transfer them to a plate, and serve warm.
  • Your “Healthy and delicious palak poha tikki” is ready.

Nutritional Information

  • Poha is enriched with the goodness of healthy carbs, and a lot of essential vitamins and minerals especially iron, Vitamin A, and C.
  • Rice flour is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals especially calcium.
  • Spinach is enriched with fiber and man essential micronutrients including Vitamin A, C, K, iron, folate, and potassium.
  • Potato is a moderate source of iron, but is high in fiber and vitamin C. It is also rich in vitamin B1, B3, and B6.
  • Corns are a decent source of protein and are highly rich in Vitamin C.
  • Moong dal is jam-packed with protein, and essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, B, C, E, iron, calcium, and potassium.

Nutritional Calculations

888 Kcal153 gm25 gm22 gm

Serves= 11-12
Calories= 74 Kcal/serve

Do try this healthy and mouth-watering snack these winters!

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