Avoid these mistakes for weight loss

Staying fit and healthy is what we all aspire for. There are certain small but important mistakes which you can avoid to achieve consistent weight loss. Let’s look at some of the common mistakes which you should avoid

Focusing too much on scale

  • Your weight doesn’t always tell the entire story
  • It doesn’t tell the amount of muscle weight and other important parameters
  • You might be gaining weight with your workout, which could be muscle weight

Eating right

  • Apart from eating right it is imperative to not eat too less or too much
  • Always get your portion size right when you eat

Only diet or exercise

  • Your diet and exercise always go hand in hand
  • Trying to focus only on diet or exercise might not be the right thing to do

Train properly

  • Make sure your workout is a right blend of cardio and strength training
  • After a particular age, it is very important to indulge in strength training
  • Doing only cardio or strength training would not do you much good

Fad diets

  • Choosing fad diets like low carb, high fat, zero fat diet etc isn’t always the right thing to do
  • Instead consume food that contains all the food groups
  • Maintain balance in the food you’re looking to consume instead of excluding any particular food group from your diet


  • It is very important to keep a track of the progress you’re making on a daily basis
  • Record your measurement like weight, waist, hips etc
  • Meeting the targets set gives you a sense of accomplishment which is hard to describe


  • We all are looking for the shortcuts to achieve our goals
  • While some shortcuts might work, others might not be soo effective
  • Choose your workout and your food well


  • Get aware about what you’re eating
  • It is important to read the labels
  • Most of the times, your food will have the information about what you should eat and what you should avoid

Cheat / love meals

  • While it is important to indulge once in a while try to still maintain little control by exercising portion control or not mixing too much junk

Giving up

  • While you might have to give up on certain things to achieve fitness, don’t completely give up on your favorite things
  • When it comes to food, reduce the portion size
  • Keep the cheat / love meal days to the minimum
  • Enjoy yourself as well, it is very important

Getting back on track

  • When you take a break, ensure you get back to the grind at the earliest
  • Don’t delay getting back on track

Stay mindful

  • Most of the times, staying mindful takes care of the small things
  • Specially while eating, always stay mindful

Rest days

  • Apart from working days, your body needs rest days as well
  • Make sure you rest to enable the body recover
  • Keep atleast a day or two in the week to rest

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