The Real Indian Vegetarian Diet to Lose Belly Fat; How to Lose inches to Get Flat stomach?

Most of you would be amazed to know that we have Gut bacteria of weight more than 2.5 kgs inside our stomach. Your body contains trillions of bacteria.Research claims that lean people have 70% more healthy/good gut bacteria when compared to obese people.Your gut bacteria can also affect how different foods are digested and produce

Pros And Cons Of Sattvic Diet

This article covers all there is about the sattvic diet. Is it good / bad for health. What all is included in this diet. What is sattvic diet ? Sattvic diet has it’s roots in ayurveda and it originated in India over 5000 years agoEssentially meant for yogis, to provide energy, calmness, happiness and mental

January Weight Loss Diet Plan

Have you taken up our January challenge to lose weight ! If yes, then here is the 2 weeks Indian vegetarian diet / meal plan to help you achieve your weight loss goals. With this diet plan you can have a balanced and nutritious diet on a day to day basis. This diet plan is