Biggest Weight Loss Challenge June 2020

Hey guys, here’s the biggest weight loss challenge of 2020 which will motivate you to work harder to achieve all your fitness goals. This challenge will help you address all the weight loss issues which you might be having.

Strategies for losing weight in this challenge

Diet strategy

–        Intermittent fasting

          –        We will stick to the 15 : 9 window for this month

          –        This will be an advancement from the 13 : 11 or 14 : 10 window which we’ve following till now

          –        Two main meals in a day

          –        2 to 3 light meals

          –        These main meals will either be breakfast lunch or lunch dinner

          –        For the light meals, we will stick to only fruits, vegetables and healthy summer drinks

–        Staying hydrating

          –        Increasing fluid intake in our body is essential not only for staying hydrated but it also helps us avoid those random hunger pangs

–        Slow eating

          –        To compliment what you eat, how you eat is as important

          –        Make sure that you eat slowly

          –        One way of ensuring that is to take your time while you eat

          –        Spend on a average, 20 minutes to finish your main meal

          –        One major factor which will help you eat properly is eating without distraction

          –        Make sure you don’t have your meal sitting in front of the tv or with your mobile

–        No white sugar

          –        Avoid anu white sugar this month

          –        Apart from this, cut down on your salt consumption as well

          –        Instead of white sugar, use 5 to 10 grams or 1 to 2 tsp natural visible sweetner

          –        Summer fruits are mostly high in natural sugar

–        Make sure we have a high protein, high fiber and a moderate carbs diet

–        We will not have any processed or packaged food this month

–        You can have your treat meal once a week like before

–        Eat more light seasonal vegetables which are high in water content

Workout strategies

–        We will stick to 10,000 steps daily just like before

          –        You don’t need to cover 10,000 steps in one go

          –        Your daily steps count should reach 10,000

          –        But bear in  mind that unless you have a dedicated time slot for your workout, it is very difficult to reach these 10,000 steps

–        Daily 40 minute workout

          –        Your workout on a average should be for alleast 40 minutes

          –        Do it religiously for 5 to 6 days a week

          –        These workout can be mix of yoga, HIIT and strength training

          –        Carry out HIIT workout atleast 1 to 2 days in a week (cardio)

          –        Similarly, strength training workout should be carried out 1 to 2 days in a week

          –        Carry out meditation for atleast 5 to 10 minutes daily

          –        Along with this, you need to practice breathing everyday

–        You should know that whatever energy we burn exits our body through our breath

–        This makes it imperative to breath properly and in a rhytm

–        Our yoga video on this website will concentrate on this important facet

–        Improved breathing will improve and accelerate your fat loss journey

Plan your day

–        To include all this activity in a day, you will need to plan in advance

–        Plan your day the night before going to bed

–        This will ensure that in your daily routine you clalk out the time needed for your workout

Social Media Detox

–        Avoid social media for 2 hours at a stretch in the morning and in the evening

–        This digital detox is very important for mental and physical health

Sound Sleep

–        After a hectic day’s work, it is essential that our body the bare minimum rest

–        Ensure you get atleast 7 hours of uninteruppted sleep daily –        This will provide ample time for your body to recoup and be ready for the next day

5 thoughts on “Biggest Weight Loss Challenge June 2020

  1. Hello mam I want a personal diet plan and workouts from you. I am trying everything but my body is not responding. Due to health issues. This makes me depressed. So kindly please guide me in my weight loss journey. Please be my motivator🙏

  2. I like ur diet plan of june. Actually i loose my weight 10 kg in 2 months of april and may in lockdown. Now i m 65kg wanted to achieve target 53kg. Now i m stuck.

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