What I Eat In A Day

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. This article is all about what I eat in a day to stay fit and lose weight during these winter months. I’m striving at all times to stay in my best health for which I’ve designed a meal plan for 1300-1400 calories. I am following restriced time eating method. My meals are intended to be full of nutrition.

Immediately after waking up

  • Immediately after waking up first thing I consume is loads of warm water
  • This is roughly between 0500 to 0600 hours
  • I make sure I consume atleast 3 full glasses of water

Morning Juice

  • My morning drink now a days is neem juice
  • It’s more of a neem shot
  • This helps me kick start my day
  • This consists of 30 ml neem juice and 30 ml water

First meal

  • I open my eating window after fasting at 0900 hours
  • The first meal I have consists of soaked almonds and some raisins
  • Sometimes I also add a fig


  • My breakfast is usually at 0920 hours
  • Today my breakfast was 1/2 cup poha
  • Along with that I had some seasonal veggies on the side
  • Alongwith this, I had 25 grams homemade tawa grilled tofu

My chai

  • After 30-40 minutes my breakfast, I take my Indian style desi chai
  • This is limit to one to two cups a day
  • This chai specially in winters is very good as it contains refreshing herbs and helps me keep my throat clear

First snack of the day

  • My first snack of the day is usually a fruit
  • Today I had an orange at around 1130 hours

Second snack

  • My second mid morning snack is around 1230 hours when I feel slightly hungry
  • I prepare a mug of high protein hot choclate milk that helps build my immunity
  • It also provides me instant energy and boosts my mood
  • I add 10 grams of dark choclate for richness and a pinch of cinnamon
  • This recipe is simple but it is highly nutritious
  • This consists of immuno boosters that help build up immunity


  • Today’s lunch consisted of 1/2 cup mix veg rice, 1 cup chole. 1 cup bathua raita
  • Apart from this, I also had some salad on the side

Herbal tea

  • Post lunch I have my herbal tea
  • This herbal tea acts like magic in improving digestion

Evening snack

  • My evening snack is at 1700 hours
  • It consists of another cup of desi chai
  • Along with it, I have a homemade chana or goond ladoo
  • This is one of my favourite snacks to consume


  • My dinner is at 1930 hours
  • I try and finish my dinner early to give adequate time for my system to digest the food and I can follow intermittent fasting
  • Today my dinner was bajra mix veg soup

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