10 Day Gluten Free Diet

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. Here’s the 10 day gluten free Indian vegetarian diet plan for weight loss. This diet plan is best suited for the upcoming festival season. This diet plan is also ideal for people who are fasting as well those who are not fasting.

Highlights of this diet plan

  • This diet plan is a gluten free diet plan for weight loss
  • Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and semolina. Gluten is also known to cause maximum food allergies and eating disorders. It gives elasticity to the flour and helps maintain it rise and provides the chewy texture
  • Fasting gives us an oppurtunity tommerge devotion with practicing a lifestyle that can help one detox. The idea of fasting is to avoid processed fod items as much as possible
  • Navratras are celebrated twice a year and both times they fall during changing season
  • This diet plan includes a lot of veggies like carrot, pumpkin, bottlegourd, tomato, cucumber, raw banana and potatoes
  • Wherever required, make sure you use desi ghee or coconut oil in preparation of the food

Diet Plan

  • Day starter, 5 almonds, 2 walnuts and 6 raisins
  • Mid morning snack : seasonal fruits
  • Staying hydrated is very important as well
  • Include milk in your diet in evening or at bed time
  • Include roasted seeds and nuts in morning porridge or smoothie
  • Intermittent fasting can be easily followed in this diet plan
  • Include atleast 3-4 servings of veggies daily in your diet
  • If possible, include coconut water in your diet







Puffed Rajgira / quick oats banana smoothie (350 ml)

Sabudhana peanut khichadi with dahi

Roasted buckwheat ladoo

Oats mix veg daliya / carrot tomato pumpkin soup


Homemade granola

Dal with singara carrot chilla and dahi

Puffed rajgira energy bar

Grilled paneer with tawa grilled veggies


Detox smoothie (fruit or vegetable based)

Seasonal veggies salad

Sweet potato

Carrot tomato pumpkin soup


Ragi / Rajgira carrot chilla

Dal with jawar roti/ amaranth roti with dahi aloo

Roasted buckwheat ladoo

Bottlegourd sabzi with quinoa


Roasted buckwheat smoothie

Quinoa mix veg upma with salad and dahi

Makhana cooked with jaggery

Grilled paneer with tawa grilled veggies







Detox smoothie

Seasonal veggies salad

Sweet potato with lemon and pink salt

Carrot tomato pumpkin soup


Overnight oats / Rajgira overnight meal

Sprouted ragi / roasted buckwheat salad

Roasted makhana

Quinoa carrot tomato pulao


Phool makhana shake

Paneer rice pulao with rice, dahi and salad

Puffed rajgira energy bars

Lauki sabzi with ragi roti and sald


Besan chilla / rajgira pancakes

Kala chana with ragi with besan halwa and salad

Roasted makhana

Oats mix veg daliya with carrot tomato pumpkin soup


Buckwheat porridge / quinoa porridge

Dal with multigrain roti with dahi and salad

Roasted peanuts

Jawar roti with sabzi of your choice

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